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When I was 4 Santa brought me a Blue Persian kitten. He left istructions on how to care for him, not to let him out and not to give him milk. I loved him immensely but my Mom had issues with the care and I didn't get to keep him for long. It started a passion that has lasted 60 years.
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Always had cats. My father also has a strong dislike of dogs, so I never got used to them...

Despite some bad experiences, a kitten chomped on by a neighbor's dog a week after we brougth her home, and one who probably had kitty AIDs and a resultant short sickly life... -We like cats.

Gracie was the best cat ever. Her paws are hard to fill, but now we have squeaky cat Midori and I have Aya...
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I was always leary on cats until Freya showed up on the porch and taught me that all cats do not shed allergens equally.

I've always been allergic, so I'd shy away from cats, but I just couldn't leave Freya hurt and hungry, no matter how allergic I thought I was...and lo and behold I could keep the allergies under control without much trouble.
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Twitch was dying outside - and I couldn't well leave her out there. And it all went downhill from there.
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I have always loved cats. I think part of my obession for them is the fact that i was never allowed to have one growing up, and i always wanted one so bad. We lived with my grandfather, and he hates cats. He said he had a cat, and caught it peeing in the laundry basket. Now, i know why the cat was probably doing that. But i was only allowed dogs, and always wanted a cat of my own. I always loved on my friends cats instead. Now i have 2 of my own babies to love on. And now that i have a cat in my life, i could never imagine my life without one.
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A few years ago, I got a new cubby mate. The first thing she did was post her HUGE cork board of animal causes on the cubby wall we share. We became fast friends, she had three cats, my SO had always mentioned when we moved together getting two black cats, one names Egypt, one Pharaoh, but it never phased me.

I remember years ago knowing my sister had a cat and oh well, it was a cat. When I was a teenager I had babysat my brother's girlfriend cat while she was pregnant. All I could remember was that he never covered his 'p00. Fast forward and now we have calvin. That was all she wrote...
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I was allergic to cats when I was little, though I think back now and wonder if my hives weren't flea bites...because I don't break out in hives anymore. I have always loved cats and my family has always given me little cat nick nacks because they know I just adore cats.
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We've always had cats in our family.

Although I like most animals, I seem to have a preference for cats. Why? I don't know!? I'm just drawn to them (or them to me).
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