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Dear Debby,
I am so sorry for you loss.
I can just begin to imagine how terrible you must feel! When my Pollyanna went missing for 3 days, I cried the whole time, missing and worrying and blaiming myself for letting her out, for not cuddle her and combing more often etc. At first I wanted to keep her inside, because I loved her so much, but later I realized that she really needed to be allowed outside to fullfill her own happyness. I am sure your Merlin had the happiest life possible with you loving him so much and allowing him to enjoy your love and the outdoor which he also loved.
You have been in my thoughts and I hope you will start feeling better, even though you might find that impossible now. I am sure Merlin will be near you, watching over you and giving you strength.
Take all the time you need, I look forward to read your posts again!

"When you are sad, look at your mind, and you will see, that what your cry over, used to be your happiness."
Kahil Gibran (I hope I don´t offend anyone with my poor transation, I only have this in Icelandic.)

Take care, Sesselja, Pollýanna and Feykirófa