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Vibes for my BF Please

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My boyfriend has his 2nd interview for a job at an advertising company on Monday morning! I am so excited for him because they are already talking to him like he has the job!
But then I am extremely worried too! We have been together for 6 years and have always lived at most 30 minutes away from each other and have seen each other every day. But this job is 2 hours away! But we will be able to spend weekends together but its still going to be really hard to get used to.
Although I will probably be moving down with him but not until we have this place paid off most likely.... so it may not be until October.

But I just wanted to get some good luck vibes going for him! I know he is so ready for this to happen!
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best of luck!

sending the good vibes your way
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Yay! Good luck!

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Good luck!
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Sending him good luck vibes for this interview!!
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Sending good luck vibes for your BF!
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Best of luck for you and your bf..
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Thanks everyone! His interview is at 10 AM tomorrow morning. And I am going up there with him because he is going to be hanging out to meet up with a friend later in the evening. Maybe I can talk him into doing some house hunting
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Good luck!!
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How did he do?
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I'd love to know how he did too!
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for Luck!............
Keep us updated dear Captain!...

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