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positive daily work thread...

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i decided to make a thread about the positive things about your work day or work life in general.

i might complain about the job sometimes, but i am very thankful to have a job for right now.

very thankful i have medical insurance

i have an amazing supervisor....awesome in every way, and if theres a problem with attendance, he will basically let you work whatever schedule u can to make up your time.

time accrual is good, 3 wks per year.

i have alot of friends there, its nice to have people i can laugh or vent to on breaks and lunches.
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Hey, for the first time in 20 years or thereabouts, I'm home almost every day. The pay is not fantastic, but pretty good. The work isn't too hard. I've driven worse equipment. The loads aren't usually heavy. They pay me if I have to sleep in the truck.

Overall, trucking is often the best bad job or the worst good job you've ever had.
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Nice thread idea! Lets seee.....

Job #1 (soon to be full time) I get to work with my mom and dad and works off part of my creative energy

Job #2 I get to work with my husband, I get to travel to different places on the days I get to deliver lunch, and I've actually learned a LOT about cooking!
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My two nearest co-workers are team-players who can be counted on to help out.

My boss is trustworthy and I can go to him about anything

My foreman seems to be confident in my work and we have a mutual respect and a good working relationship.

I have good hours and a decent paycheck

I get to do what I love

I get to listen to my music while I work

I have a skill that not many people have and lots of people would like to have
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1.) My boss is great person and a wonderful friend!

2.) I get to work from home if I need to

3.) I'm learning new skills every day

4.) I'm learning how a new business works from the ground up... very exciting!

I'm sure I've more, but those are my "top" ones.
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I like my new job.
I haven't been stressed out, I get up looking forward to going into work, everyone there gets along with everyone, It's more like going to a family function then to work, (unless the dm's there and then it's not fun at all)
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I absolutely love my job. I'm an RN Surgical First Assistant. It is a physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging and demanding job. I have been told by the surgeons that I work with, that I do an excellent job. I had my JPR (Job Performance Review) last week, and it was very good (I got top raise.) I've worked in this position for 20 + years now. I enjoy training new assistants, and helping them develop their skills (tying, sewing, clamping, positioning, retracting, etc.) I honestly can't think of any other profession that I would enjoy more. The personal satisfaction of helping people is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world!

In these tough economic times, I know that my highly specialized skills are necessary, and my job is very secure. Our hospital has not done any downsizing yet, and no wage concessions have been discussed. We are looking for ways to save money by watching waste, cutting back on expensive purchases, etc. The only thing that could make my job better, would be if my boss was more compassionate. She's not really a people person, but she's gotten better in the last couple of years.
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