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i decided to make this thread for anyone that needs to vent about a days work!

well friday for me was like they put us on lockdown!

1st they sent an email saying no cell phones at all, except on break or lunch in the breakrooms, then they added that cell phones were prohibted from use in the bathroom!!! do they honestly think they are going to stop me from texting while im on the pot??? lol

2nd we get an email saying we are no longer to browse online, now mind u they already have almost every website blocked and all we can really do is go to to view the we cant even do that.

3rd- we get an email saying that the hold times between calls are too high, and as soon as we are done with one we have to pick up the next sorry but i need to take a breath and possibly a sip of water before my next one.

the only thing we have left is note passing between cubicles and playing catch with our stress balls....i wonder how long til we cant do that anymore??