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Saturday!! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very cold here today. Windchill warning for the area so guess it is a good day just to hang around the house and putter.

Few chores to do today, and I put on a pot of beef stew for dinner which is always great for a frosty day.

Spa day for the kitties, nail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing.

I also have a couple of movies my sister dropped off. 13th Warrior (one of my favorites) and Underworld Evolution so I will watch those this evening.

There are a few birds at the feeders so that is keeping the kitties entertained this morning.

Everyone have a good day
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Saturday is laundry day for me. Since I don't have a washer in my apartment, I make the trek (almost 10 minutes of driving! ) to my parents and use theirs. Then we'll have dinner together -- either my mother will cook or we'll order out. I hate not having a washing machine anymore, but at the same time it guarantees that I'll go see my parents at least once a week.

After I get home I'll log into my work computer for a bit and start some simulations that will run over the weekend. Then I'll probably read a couple of papers, watch some crappy movies on TV, and maybe play a video game for a bit.

Tre is on my lap, where he seems to have been surgically implanted, at the moment. And Promise was in her 'you must pet me, and pet me right now!' mood a few minutes ago. She was standing on the desk in front of me bumping my hand when I tried to pet her, kneading furiously, sticking her paw in the air, and purring like a mad cat. She seems to have calmed down now though. Thufir and Tiny are asleep on my bed and the heated cat bed, respectively.
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Good afternoon. Rainy and coolish here today. The ORKIN man just left and later Mom amy sister and me are going to see the movie FROST/NIXON. I've heard good things about it.
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I am walking off a calf crap from 6 hours ago. Going to take a nap soon too. I got maybe 4 hours last night btw bathroom breaks, cats walking on me and muscle cramps.

Hubby is painting the baby's room Hopefully tomorrow I can tackle the baseboards.
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Cool but not too cold here, supposed to rain later this afternoon I think. I'm cleaning house, actually at the moment waiting on the freshly scrubbed floors to dry, the only cat that I can see is Tiger, who's lying on the bed with me, the rest are still in hiding from the sounds of the vacuum and floor scrubber. Not much else today, just fixing dinner in a bit....not sure yet what, and possibly an early bedtime.
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Hi all, its sunny but very windy and cold here. After cleaning and disinfecting all litter boxes, I'm going to the movies with my twin sister and older sister. We are going to see Mall Cop. Which I really want to see it since my nephew is a parttime mall cop, while he's going to college. He just learned how to use the Skegway through the mall so thats got to be funny. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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Well, we finally took our Christmas tree down today, much to Nora's protest. We put her in the bathroom when my husband actually took the tree out (so she wouldn't run out of the house) and when we let her out she FREAKED out b/c it was gone. She was very attached to that tree and was constantly covered in pine needles b/c she was always under it or in it. LOL

Other than that I don't have much of anything planned. Just another day of relaxing b/c I'm sick.
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I did a load of laundry today. I work evenings today so I packed up food for dinner. Plus I am working days and evenings tomorrow, so I had to pack up food for tomorrow too because I sure didn't feel like doing it at midnight tonight!

I had a bit of a nap, read for a bit and cuddled with Abby, who is still wanting to cuddle
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Cleaning for me today. The entire house is getting a scrubbing. Unfortunately Im not very motivated so its taking about a week per room But Im getting the kitchen finished today, and maybe the entry way...maybe
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I've done a little cleaning and sewing so far. I made a cloth book cover for my friend's birthday tomorrow. It turned out well! Amazing, coming from not having a 'pattern' to speak of.

I'll continue cleaning and stuff, then I'll go pick up another friend and head down to an event at Reed College tonight. Dr. Demento comes to Portland every year and does some events at Reed College... I finally get to go! I grew up listening to his radio show... explains a lot about me!

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Did a little bit more organizing. Today was all the cleaning supplies by the washing machine and under the kitchen sink. I have it in baskets my category by the washer now and have more room on the shelves!!

We then did some errands-just browsed Home Depot for 90 minutes (and spent $80),
then another spot for some more bird seed then out to a late lunch!!

Came home to see the three wild turkey's hanging around the feeders in the backyard.
So I dumped some cracked corn on the ground for them for tomorrow. Even though one doesn't really want to get in the habit of feeding them.

So just relaxing now and rented "The Duchess" for tonite.
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Let's see...I woke up and fed Watson and Mittens and then had breakfast (oatmeal) in bed with DH. We went to Starbucks for latte's and then to the bank. We also did our grocery shopping and then took a nap! Tonight, I plan to do my lesson plans and grade papers while DH is at Motocross with his dad and best friend. I like having the house to myself sometimes Have a good evening everyone!
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It's Sunday afternoon here!

I've spent too much time on TCS here today but it's nice just relaxing.

I've been hanging out with my kitties all day and I've got work from 6pm-11pm tonight and then 4 days off!

Have a good weekend folks!
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