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Cat Neutering Issues

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Alright so here is the story:

We have three cats, one of them is not the problem so he won't be mentioned.

The others are an older female cat named Shadow (about 8 yrs) NOT fixed.
And our male cat Demon (about 9 mo) who just got fixed yesterday.

Well Shadow started going in heat, which she hasn't been for a long time and we saw Demon getting close to her and being all lovey dovey. He also started spraying. Well, we really didn't want kittens so we decided to get Demon neutered yesterday. (It's been 24 hours since) Before he went off to the vet we placed him in a room of his own and he was fine. Shadow on the other hand has continued to be in heat, and doing all the normal things.

We got Demon home from the vet and everything was fine. I thought everything would be good and all the hormones would end. But for some reason it seems things got worse. He hasn't sprayed since, and that's great. He's pooped and ate fine. No aggressiveness either. But he has started to MOAN and CRY almost nonstop. At first I thought it was pain, but I am sure it isn't it. It's those deep, awful moans that are terrible to the ear. I first kept him in a room with me, he'd sleep and lay down but then get up and start to cry and moan, then go back to his normal things. I let him down stairs for a few minutes, and he was 'on' Shadow. I doubt it was cause he wanted to reproduce though, but she did. So I am wondering when will his cries stop. Is he doing it because Shadow is in heat? Is he still full of hormones? When will they 'go away' ? Also, how long will it take for Shadow to get out of heat? Please help! We love our Demon, and we want to spend time with him, but it's so hard. I know he can't help it.
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Welcome to The Cat Site.

I don't have answers to all of your questions, but yes he is still full of hormones and can get her pregnant. I think it takes about a month for him to not be able to get a female cat pregnant. They should be separated.

Just out of curiosity how come your female cat has never been spayed?
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He will still be able to mate and produce kittens for up to 2 months, so they need to be kept separate (though he could have gotten her since he's mounted her already)

You need to get your girl spayed, she's at risk of pyometra which can be deadly from going in and out of heat. Also she may well be pregnant now, but you can still have her spayed.
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I dont want to scare you but Meeko just had surgey for pyo on monday.
You can read my post about what happened here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=185147
She is 8.5 years old.
Your cat can be preg now because the hormones sometimes take 2 months to go away.
I have a almost 17 year old cat that could not be fixed because it would have killed her.
She still goes in heat maybe once or twice a year.
I got my male fixed young so he would not get her preg.
The vet said he had to stay away from her because he would still have hormones.
I was told what to watch for so I knew Meeko had pyro before the we even went to the vet.
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Well thanks for the info.
The cats aren't technically mine, I am just asking for the advice.
I moved in with my boyfriend awhile back and Demon is his and they have had Shadow for 8 yrs. (My bf is just about to turn 19)

He payed for Demon's neuter and his mom says she will get Shadow spayed soon. She wants to do it after she gets out of heat. Now I've heard cats continuously go in and out of heat for a week at a time. Is is safe to get her spayed now?

I wish my bf would have gotten demon fixed before sexual maturity,but it was out of my hands.

It's his mother's responsibility to spay her and I am hoping she will. I'd just like to know when would be a safe time.
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This is the sort of thing you should be discussing with your vet.
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It is better when they are not in heat.
My vet charges 17 more when they are in heat because they bleed more.
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