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We have an 11-month old spayed Devon Rex kitty. A couple months ago when she was around 9 months old she had an incident that we thought was bloody diarrhea. Of course we were very concerned about this and took her to the Emergency Vet right away. The vet looked her over and prescribed a weeks course of Metronidazole. The whole time her behavior didn't seem to change, she was eating, drinking and acting like her normal rambunctious self. We even took a stool sample to the vet, which came back negative for any bacteria or parasites. The diarrhea didn't re-occur, so we thought little of it.

Yesterday we noticed that she had something hanging from her bum area. Upon closer inspection it seemed to actually be coming from her vaginal area, and looked like a light-brown mucous, which was a bit stinky. We cleaned her up, and she seems to be acting normally, still playing happily with the other cats and eating and drinking. Thinking back on the previous incident, we are starting to wonder if it may not have been diarrhea after all...

I called the vet and they suggested to monitor her, and bring her in for a checkup if it occurred again or if anything changed in her behavior or general health. They suggested it could possibly be something like a bladder infection, but I pointed out that she doesn't seem to be in any distress or discomfort.

I was just wondering if anyone else have ever come across symptoms like this in a spayed female cat or kitten?

Thanks in advance for any advice!