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help - moving and cant take cat

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I would really appreciate some advice. I presently live in a courtyard in Palermo, Sicily. In November after 24 hrs of howling i picked up a kitten left outside my door, small but able to eat solids, and brought him into my flat as he would have otherwise died. I would never have chosen to have an animal otherwise because of leaving them due to work. He has been with me ever since. I have not neutered him or vaccinated him and now i must leave for Canada in 4 weeks. I cannot bring him. I am letting him out into the courtyard where there are other cats that are fed to see if he can survive on his own. Forget finding him a home or a shelter- the city is full of stray cats and dogs. Yesterday i came back and found him just cowering and he had dirtied the front room floor. I think a cat may have come in from the balcony, hard to believe but i now realize posssible, and scared him half to death because he has become really lethargic and touchy. Should i have him put to sleep or try and get him used to the courtyard. I reckon he is about 7 months old. Heartbreaking either way.thanks for the support and the site
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Is there any no-kill shelters you could take this little guy? Also, you might talk to a local Vet and see what they could offer. I'd hate to see you put this little guy down...I'm sure someone could take him! What about friends of yours? Co-workers? Family?

Just some random thoughts...
I hope you find him a home soon! Good luck!
Btw, welcome to the site!
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it is sad that you don't know anyone to take this guy in. I would hope before you turn him outside, you would make that trip to the vets and get him neutered and vaccinated. he will have a better chance of surviving if the other intact males don't consider him a threat. Do you not have a friend who can come in and feed him and check on him while you are gone?
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Ludovico, It would be such an act of kindness if you would neuter this poor cat and give him time to recover. There is such a problem with stray cats mating and adding to an already horrendous problem. It's so kind of you to care for and about him. I so hope that releasing him to the patio is not necessary. I hope you can find a home for him.

But if he's neutered and recovered, and has no home, at least he won't add to the overpopulation problem and won't get in as many fights if released. That will lenghten his life considerably. Please let us know what happens to him! My very best wishes for a happy outcome.
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Perhaps a vet can take this little one in? Many people place signs up at the vets when they have an animal available. Good Luck!
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