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shedding the coronavirus

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I have gotten a lot of emails of different opinions about Kiki. How would I know if she is shedding the virus and should I just take the clumps out or do I need to clean the entire box? When I clean her litter box I just use dish soap and hot water. Is that OK? How can I reduce her stress level? What stresses cats out? I want to do everything right to prevent further sickness and she is our first animal so I advice. Thank you so much.
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feliway helps many cats lower stress, as does rescue remedy. that latter can often be found at human health food stores as well as pet stores. i think amazon is a good source for the feliway, until you find out if it helps... you don't want to buy in bulk until you're sure it's worth it.
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"shedding" is usually the term used to describe the cat geting rid of the coronavirus, or any other virus for that matter. Once a cat is infected with coronavirus they are persistently infected which means that it nevers goes away. Most cats, especially those from a breeder or shelter, have the coronavirus. Not all cats that have the coronovirus will develop FIP, it's kind of luck of the draw.

but it's recommended that you clean a litterbox completely every 6 weeks and yes, I use dish soap so that's fine for cleaning
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