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using human omega 3 capsules

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Hi!! My cat suffers from miliary dermatitis and I have been researching the use of omega 3 supplements for her. However, I live in a smaller city and the pet stores here don't carry the 3v, derm caps...
I read that the cats should have 160 mg epa and 104 mg dha. I found a human omega 3 supplement (life brand from shoppers drug mart) that I am hoping to use. It is 1000mg - 180 mg epa and 120 mg dha. The ingredients are:salmon, sardine and anchovy oil, gelatin, glycerin and water.
The ingredients look very similar to cat supplements. It is, however, missing vitamin E which I read it should have.
Do you think that it is safe to use?? Would you supplement daily?
If is not an acceptable supplement, I will order a feline one online!
Thanks for your input!!!
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I recently spoke to my holistic vet about this. The recommended daily amount for cats is anywhere from 250-500mg (half a capsule). 250mg is for normal, healthy cats. You may need to increase the dosage to 500mg for therapeutic uses (in your case, military dermatitis).

Yes, you should always supplement with vitamin E when using oils. I give mine about 200IU weekly. Vitamin E prevents the oil from oxidizing. Additionally, I've been told that vitamin E is used by the body to process the oil, so without supplementation, the body can eventually become depleted of it.

Recent research on fish oils with vitamin E: http://www.oilofpisces.com/vitamine.html
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I would suggest a quick call to your vet to be sure before giving any supplement, human or not.
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