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cat peeing after babysitting another cat and surgery

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In October my 3-yr old male cat Smokey began peeing outside the box. I took him to the vet, and he was blocked from bladder crystals. He had a perianal urethroplasty, where they take the ureter, straighten it out, and make a new opening, because he had crystals and they said his anatomy was such that he would sure as hell block up again. $2000 between the emergency vet and my regular vet. So he recovered from that nicely

Then in November I cat-sit a friend's cat (kept him downstairs), which my little male black cat was fine with, but it set off Smokey something fierce. He has begun peeing outside the box again. I even had a friend take him for a few days. He was OK for a couple days and then the third day, peed on the carpet there. I have done everything the experts suggest - keep the boxes super-clean, take the hood off, put them where he pees. He keeps doing it.

I sequestered him in our finished basement on my vet's advice, for 2-3 weeks and after that tried letting him out, but no good....
He keeps hitting the landings in the house I have used 6 different products, bought a Bissell carpet cleaner, done everything. Last night I threw down what I thought was a rubber-backed carpet - he peed on that - and it wasn't rubber - it went through.

When I tried to catch him to take him back down to the basement, he turned into the beast from Hell, such yowling and screaming it scared me. I finally chased him down there, cleaned the carpets (this is at midnight) and
sobbed until about 3:30.

I just ordered the SCAO-10 stuff and am going to start him on Elavil.
I wonder if he had brain cells sloughed off during surgery - such a change in
personality. Ordinarily he's a great cat - but my husband is furious with
the peeing and is ready to throw him out! I'm at my wit's end.

Has anyone had this experience with their cat after surgery?
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Urinary troubles are made worse by stress. It sounds like the stress of having a new cat in his territory triggered the condition to get worse. And then locking him in the basement was another stressful change.

I would take him back to your vet and discuss medication options, and possibly have him tested again. It doesn't sound like the cat's fault... it's a medical condition made worse by change, not behavioral.

Have you been using enzymatic cleaners to clean the house? Any other product will leave behind smell that the cat can detect, even if humans can't.
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I don't think this is a result of the surgery - sounds like he recovered fine from that and only started having issues when you brought the new cat in. Either he's got a new infection, or he's been provoked by the presence of the new cat into marking his territory.

Getting him back to the vet for a check-up would be my first move.

Are you still babysitting your friend's cat?
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