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I have a gorgeous little and I mean little siamese female that is almost two and she has only had 4 heats and is now in her fifth. I want to breed her but she is so small. Vet said it is ok to breed her. After they have their kittens how soon do they go into another heat? Are they like humans and as long as they are nursing young ones do they not go into heat or have a cycle? Please inform me. Thanks Sheilasiamese in Ontario
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They can go in heat a week after.
My brothers cat did that.
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Humans can get pregnant while nursing too.
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Is she registered and of show quality? If not, you should not breed her. How small is she (pounds?). Be aware that she could have complications if she's too small. Has she been tested for genetic problems? And do you have permission from the breeder to breed?

Most breeders don't sell breeding cats unless you are showing. Where is the male coming from? Is he show quality.
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Hi there

Good on you for coming on here and asking questions!

Just one from me first - is she your first Siamese?
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