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Sores by mouth

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Hi all,

I do have an appointment at the vet for tomorrow, but I have no idea what could be causing my cats sores and am very curious/worried about it.

There is one right by her "lip" and the other is just under her "chin." They are reddish brownish and almost look like blisters.

She is acting perfectly normal and happy. Eating and drinking and purring as if nothing is wrong.

Any ideas?
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Welcome to The Cat site.

Do you use plastic bowls? It could be acne. It could also be allergies.
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Could possibly be "Rodent Ulcers"
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Thanks for the quick reply!
I guess I hope its allergies... rodent ulcers doesn't sound fun. Would allergies cause her to itch as well? Or, rather, does lack of itching mean it is not allergies?
Thanks again! Ill post again tomorrow after I see the vet!
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Can you take a picxture of it?
I might know what it is if i see what it looks like.
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This is the best picture I have... she wasn't really willing to sit still...
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It didnt work.
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I think I fixed it... if not I dont know how to get it to work!
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Looks like what Meeko gets from herpes but it could be something else.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Looks like what Meeko gets from herpes but it could be something else.
could be either herpes or acne. are the dishes plastic? switch to glass, stainless steel or ceramic, & wash them daily. if it's acne, that should help things.
if it's herpes, lysine therapy will help.
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lysine does work well.
I posted a sore Meeko had a few weeks ago and its gone already.
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Aren't mouth sores a symptom of the calisivirus?

Hopefully it's just a plastic allergy or something.
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The fact that there is a blister raises a red flag for Herpes IMO... Is this the first time it happens, or it is a recurrent issue?
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Just got back from the vet. It seems as if she has some acne and some of it got infected. The vet thinks that if it is not an infection, it could be allergies, but it looks more like an infection.

Hopefully the antibiotics clean it all up!

Thanks again for all your responses!!
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I am glad its not herpes.
Meeko has it on and off alot.
What did they give you for acne?
My other cat had it once and she got a sho and it never came back.
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i noticed this on sabastian a few weeks ago, he had one right along his mouthline, a little diff looking than your pic tho, he has also been acting fine, i figured it may have been from me having to pry his mouth open 2x a day to give him his medicine so i have been much more careful, and i also thought it could have been from playing, i have this toy its like a fishing pole with a long feather at the end and sabastian loves it , but when he would get it he would bite down really hard and i would try to tug it back, and i thought that was maybe what it was from, it looks like that one went away but it looks like hes getting one near the front of his chin, and he doesnt itch them either
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I actually didn't get anything for the acne... Just Clavamox drops for the infection. She just has a few blackheads, so hopefully the acne doesn't get out of control.

She isn't liking the drops though... Im thinking I may try the pill form.

I have never had to give her medication before... so Im not sure if pill or liquid form is best...
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So far it looks as if the antibiotics are helping... If your sabastian is still getting the sores, you may want to try some as well.
Or perhaps he has an allergy?
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Pills are harder to give to my cats.
Meeko is on clavamox and I fight with her everyday.
If it was a pill she would never take it.
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