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Toilet paper...again!

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Well, I thought Holly had finally grown out of this...

One of us must have left the roll of toilet paper on the counter or back of the toilet last night. We were just getting comfortable with letting Holly even see rolls of paper The paper towels in the kitchen are only barely safe!

This morning I awoke to shredded paper all over the hallway and bathroom. I guess we are back to hiding it in the cabinets all the time. Our guests are always so confused We have to leave notes on the cabinets letting people know that is where the t.p. is hidden.

I cant even remember the last time we had t.p. on the wall spinner like normal people At least cat people dont think our house is weird.
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I got a TP ‘spare roll’ holder that hangs off my tank. I have to keep my rolls in that (its got a lid) otherwise the boys will drag it all over the house.

Usually my guests figure out where I keep it that way! Silly kitties!
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I have to close my bathroom door now, because both of my kitties love tearing apart rolls of TP. =/ I actually caught Stratus in the act a few days ago, when he was in the bathroom while I was showering.

I'll never understand their fascination with toilet paper. =3
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I have to close my bathroom door too. And put the paper towels in the pantry. Cats and rolls of paper
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We had to buy a plastic box to keep our toilet paper in. Our cats love to shred toilet paper and even like to carry it around the house.
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My cat's have never attacked the toilet roll that is on our roll in the bathroom but they have wripped up paper before (including my pay slip from work once!).

Crafty devils!
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Mine have never done any of this but my puppies used to!
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