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Bookworm Game

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I've played dozens and dozens and dozens of games of Bookworm.

I have found that when I see certain bonus words such as "Wiz", "Egg", "Dud", "Yay" I may as well end the game because I'm assured to not be able to get a very high score.

In fact I've yet to see the letter "Z" even show up in the letter board.

Anyone else having this problem? Does the game even have a Z ?
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I've seen the Z occasionally. The one that almost never shows up for me is X. Another question I have is, why is there a time limit? I've played Bookworm on other sites and this is the only one that has a time limit. I'm so busy trying to get words as fast as I can that I don't take the time to look for longer ones.
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It doesn't accept so many words it's not funny.

I agree about the bonus word too - that's the only time I get a decent score.
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I did a google search and found a couple other places that have "Bookworm". None had a timer and I was able to get the letter "Z" in the word board.

I've played over a hundred "Bookworm" games here, if not more, and I've never, ever, ever seen the letter "Z". I get a huge number of "Qu", a fair number of "X" but never once the letter "Z".

Plus I've noticed that here the bonus words seem to always be the same. If you play it often enough you will notice that it's limited to certain words and also that the word board is not entirely random, because it too repeats itself periodically.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
It doesn't accept so many words it's not funny.
I know! And it accepts some really really rude ones. I tried them
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