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I'm going for a Massage!

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My back has been so tight and my neck has been giving me mega problems since that car accident in October. The last few weeks when I lay in bed both of my arms go numb from my neck to my fingers, and it's been worse over the last week or so. My chiropractor has been having trouble getting my adjustments done because my back muscles are so knotted up.

So I called today and made an appointment for Monday morning to go and get a back, neck and shoulder massage. Unfortunately Autopac won't pay for it because they will only cover massage if done by a chiropractor, medical doctor, or a physiotherapist. However I do have Blue Cross and they will pay 80% of the cost for me.

I'm hoping that a weekly massage for a few weeks will help ease up the tension in my back. I'm so sick of gulping down pain medication to get through the day.
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I am so jealous. I have always wanted to go for a massage. I have fibromyalgia, right now it is really cold outside. I am hurting so bad.
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I haven't had one in a while, but I love to get a good massage.
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Oooo so lucky! I miss getting my weekely massages. I had gotten into a car accident and it really helped alot. My neck and back were so tense I really could notice a difference after the first one. Just remember to bring a water bottle. Massages release alot of toxens into your body and you need to drink water to help flush it out or you end up with a bad headeach. Well I am not totally sure if that is ture or not but its what my masseuse told me and I took her word for it.
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That is really great! How exciting
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I doubt it's going to be a very relaxing massage. The last time I went for a massage was for similar reasons. I remember it was a deep muscle massage and it hurt like the dickens, and I felt like I had been hit by a truck the next day. I felt I needed a massage to recover from my massage!
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