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I already have one cat and her kittens safe in a pen so all of my toms and predaters (live in country) cant get to them...My other cat had hers under my uncles Truck...I need to move them tonight since he said he needs to take his truck to work tommorow...will it be OK to put her in the same chicken wire enclosure as my other momma as long as I have a seperate house for her to sleep in with her kittens?? I would rather her be in the pen too since it's safer there (nothing can get in or out). I'm just afraid her and the other momma may fight or kill each other's kittens...They got along ok before...Oh and I will put plenty of food and water and 2 litter boxes...Will they fight?? Where can I move her and her kittens to if you think they will fight?? Thanks so much..all I want is for the cats/kittens to be SAFE and happy