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After being spayed

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I had my cat recently spayed (yesterday). They kept her overnight, and she is back home and acting more vibrant than ever. Unfortunately, the vet didnt tell me anything on how to treat her for the next few days (and I forgot to ask) or what to watch for. She is a little over 5 months old and was spayed while in heat.

She is very affectionate right now (havnt seen her since Wednesday) and is running around and jumping like nothing has happened. I assume this is a good thing, but is this healthy for her?

Also, should I stay away from certain foods for a certain amount of time? I havnt fed her anything, but have dry food layed out. She seems hungry but I don't want to feed her, say, fish for example if fish would be bad.
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You need to stop her from jumping before she pulls something out.
The vet should have told you that.
My vet gave ne a list of what to watch for.
No normal activity for 10-14 days.
Meeko was done monday.
You can fee her normal food and water.
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Ty for the link ... but how do I keep my very active kitten inactive short of knocking her out? lol
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You might hae to put her in a carrier for a little bit.
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If her spay was done orthoscopicaly (which most are now days i think) you dont need to worry too much. the incision is very very tiny, and the stiches are not really visible. Holly still has a tiny green dot on her belly.

The first day is the only day you need to worry about food. Because they havent eat in a whoile day and had meds, you need to slowly reintroduce fod. I didnt do that with Holly and she threw up. She looked so hungry i didnt have the heart to take her food away!

Just try to encourage her to cuddle with you and sleep. Play with her on the ground to tire her out and discourage alot of jumping. And of course try to not let her lick the area too much. I'm sure everything will be fine!
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It's been over five years since Lucy was spayed and she acted like a normal kitten and did no harm to her incision/stitches, she even tried to pull them out around the time they were dissolving. That freaked me out a little!
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Which way was it done?
Meeko had a infection so it had to be done the hard way.
They did try lap first.
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My girls were over a year old when they were spayed and they were moving carefully for a few days. The kittens were 4 months when I had them spayed (two) and neutered (one). They came home the same day, and immediately started bouncing on the furniture and running up and down the cat tree. I think they would have hurt themselves worse if I'd tried to confine them. The only thing the kind of worked was for me to lay on the bed and they would all come and pile on top of me. Of course, that meant I didn't get any of my chores done for a couple of days.
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