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Disgusting smell

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I have been switching my 6 month Himalayan from Royal Canin Growth to California Natural over the past few weeks, and now that he gets most California Natural his poo is disgustingly smelly, and even when the litter box isn't around, he farts or something because he smells horrible. I searched the forums about smell and it seems suggestions focus towards simple foods such as California Natural, so I want to know what can I do in this case.

Also since I onle feed dry California Natural I wanted to know what would be better. All Cal Nat, Cal Nat plus 2 cans of Friskies a week or Cal Nat plus 1 can of Friskies a day. I know Friskies is much worse than Cal Nat, but since it is wet I think it might be better to mix things up a bit.

Finally my cat's breath is also disgusting, so I wanted to know what do you recommend for this.

Thanks for the help.
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IMO, sounds to me like he isn't digesting the Cal Nat properly - some cats just do not do well on certain foods.

A high quality dry, with low quality wet, IMO is better than an all dry diet.
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Our cat, Sultan, has a sensitive stomach and had powerful farts when he was on dry food, Evo, even though that's considered to be a high-quality dry food. He stopped farting and his chronic diarrhea ended INSTANTLY when we gave him high-quality canned food like Nature's Variety, Wellness, and Merrick. It's mainly meat with just 5% vegetables and no grains at all, so there weren't any carbs. Cats are carnivores so they're not meant to eat any grains, but cat food companies use grains as filler cuz it's cheap. Anyway, this is why Sultan is so much healthier and leaner now.

Super bad breath is an indication your cat has serious dental problems and needs to be checked out immediately!
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Bad breath doesn't exclusively mean bad teeth - it can also be the result of poor digestion. However, I do agree to have your kitties teeth looked at to be sure.
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What didn't you like about the Royal Canin? That's pretty good food. I had my kitty on RC kitten when she was a kitten.
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I was also wondering why change off the RC if it was agreeing with your kitty? My ragdoll has always had a sensitive stomach and CN didn't agree with her at all. Lots of trial and error and hairball formulas for the fiber content and I have finally gotten her on RC beauty and has the fiber she needs and her coat has gotten better too. GL with finding the food that's best for can be difficult at times
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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
What didn't you like about the Royal Canin? That's pretty good food. I had my kitty on RC kitten when she was a kitten.
i think it was a cost issue.
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CN was definitely cheaper than RC, but I might end up back with RC when this bag of CN finishes. The smell is starting to go away a little bit. Besides, I thought CN was better?
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