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Cats love ducks!!

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This is addicting!!! Haha. My cats love my baby ducks. If I try to put the ducklings outside, the cats follow. If my ducklings want to swim in the bath tub....my cats follow. I'll post some pictures up in a few days. Just thought it was a cute thing to share. They sleep together too. hehe
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I bet that is cute..I love little baby ducks!!
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I just have to ask....You have ducks in the house?
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I must have read that thinking they "were" outside....I had to reread your post...are you keeping the ducklings in your house?
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I knew that question was going to come. ..and the answer is ...yes and no. I leave the sliding glass doors open so my cats won't cry. See, if they know they can't go outside and be with the ducklings they cry. But sometimes, the ducklings follow my kitty cats inside. Like last night. I was cooking hamburgers. I had just sat down to watch "The Green Mile." I started hearing a peep peep... I looked down and there were my two little ducks...Paddle and Puddle. My ducks think they are kittens some time as the kittens sometimes think they are ducks. They are sleeping together outside as I'm typing this.
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I like ducks and cats , But inside?
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I am also a part of the poulty forum, and no one on there can believe that my ducklings love coming inside. Haha, I don't love my ducks coming inside though. As long as it keeps everyone happy(including my screamin cats)
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they do sleep outside though at night don't they??? I would worry they would be pooing on my floors....do they?
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haha Ducks don't have a muscle to control their bladder like cats do. So when a duck has to go he goes. That is why I don't want them in my house. What I am saying is sometimes the ducks follow my kittens into my house, but its so obvious they are in the house, they can't stay quite for a second. hehe Yes they have pooped on my carpet, but thanx to woolite pet cleaner foom...the poop is gone!
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That's Good they don't live in their 24-7 , It's ok they come in every now and again though...
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We definatly need pictures of that!
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