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Well... I made it home. I am back in my beautiful wyoming. Houma Louisiana was fun, but Home is where I belong.

Shadey had a good trip. She is such a good girl. I took her out everytime we stopped so she could walk and stretch and go potty. She isn't fond of going when she hears cars driving by. No matter how far away from the road or parking lot. No matter what building we went behind. She was pretty freaked out.

We Left Houma at 3:30 am on Moday morning, and we pulled into Denver 6:30am Tuesday. We did have a few stops. I always tried to take Shade to a spot that looked sandy thinking maybe it would have the feel of a potty box.

When we got to Denver, my friend was waiting in a motel room for us. I decided it would be best for both Shade and I if we just stayed the night there. We got her a box and some litter at walmart. She used the box as soon as I set her infront of it.

She ran around, and played and explored for the day, then cuddled with me that night. Now we have our own room, and she lots of places to jump, and hide and play. I was afraid the trip would be really hard on her, but she just laid quietly in her carrier. When she did get vocal, we stopped at the next rest area, and she got out and walked and stretched, and I offered her food and water. She did eat some, but not much.

I am so happy. I saw my Mystyc, and my Ragie girl. I missed them so much. Mystyc treated me the same as she always did, let me put my face on her. MyRage loved me up too. Such sweet babies they are. I hung out with my friends and family, and I am so relaxed, and relieved to be home. Then... it snowed. but... I am home

Be safe everyone.
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Congratulations for your safe arrive!...
And I figured the meeting!.......
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So glad you had a good SAFE trip! Sorry about the snow!!
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Glad everyone made it safe and sound!!
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.. and you are away from the hurricanes! Im glad you both had a safe trip.
Im so glad you are getting to see your other 2 baby cats, too.
There is nothing like being home
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I'm glad to hear everything went well. So it snowed - how was the wind?Always MY favorite part of visiting home, too! LOL
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