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Question of the Day- January 23 - Friday

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Do you eat leftovers?

We don't always have enough leftovers with 2 teenage boys in the house.
When we do I love having leftovers to take with me to lunch the next day. Saves money and well it's good too. Now my 15 year old son absolutely refuses to eat leftovers. He eats it just fine the night before, so what's wrong with it the next day?
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yep,......who don´t do it my friend....
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Do you eat leftovers?

In fact, generally speaking when i make supper, I make enough so that there is leftovers. Some things taste soooooo much better the next day. (soups, stews, chili)

My hubby won't eat them more than twice though. Say if we have something for dinner, he'll have it the next day for either lunch or dinner, but not both. Me and the kids can eat it for both
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yup yup

i like it when family gives us extra food to take home after a meal, me and BF always finish it.
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Most of the time since we cook for just two, we only make enough to eat that night, now if we make a roast or meatloaf or the such, I will eat the leftovers for lunch, DH will only eat a few things as leftovers. If we have pizza though, HE WILL EAT IT FOR breafast, lunch and dinner!!! (If it lasted that long)
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Oh, yes... intentional leftovers. I hate throwing away food. Might as well toss your money in the garbage. So I will make soup, stew, chili, etc. and we will eat off of it for a few days. If there is some roast left I will make a stir fry or a salad with it... "repurpose" the food. Leftover rice becomes fried rice, etc.
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We always have leftovers, I love them, my DH does not
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
If there is some roast left I will make a stir fry or a salad with it... "repurpose" the food. Leftover rice becomes fried rice, etc.
Yup. We'll make those small broiler chickens.... have chicken and potatoes that night, then do a chicken pot pie, or chicken chili, etc.

When you "repurpose" the food, it tastes new LOL. Hubby doesn't mind that, he just does not want to eat stew for supper, lunch, and supper again. I don't really care.... food is food.

I try not to waste anything
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Some things I will eat leftover (chili, tacos, spaghetti *sauce only, have to have fresh pasta!, and a few other things) but there are quite a few that I will not.
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Sure do, in fact quite often I will cook a bit extra just so I can have left-overs the next day. With the way the economy is today every little bit helps.
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I purposely make enough for leftovers so that we have lunch or dinner the next day. Comes in handy when I know I'm working late, so I don't have to worry about getting dinner ready.
Luckily DH is really on board with leftovers. He hates throwing away food more than I do!
My sister on the other hand hates leftovers and has a thing about Tupperware. Like she dispises it! Not sure where that came from.
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Yea we do.
You should see my fridge.
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Yep. Saves $$ that way.
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I try to, I really do! I used to love them, but for some reason as of late I just can't make myself eat them Now, these aren't my leftovers as I never cook but leftovers from my parents. I actually have turkey and the fixins and pork chops in my fridge right now. I'll eat them this weekend, I swear
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Bleh! Yucky! I will NOT eat leftovers! The ONLY thing I can eat leftover is pizza and even then I usually don't!
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I love leftovers...of course with my husband there aren't always any in the house.
Leftovers mean it just got a whole lot easier to make lunches for the next day.
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I usually dont eat leftovers, but I do put them in the fridge. I find if I make enough and they freeze well, then I will freeze for a later date.
Jim will occasionally eat leftovers.
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Yep. In fact I had leftover green beans and German potato salad for my lunch.
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The philosophy at home when I was growing up was: if you don't have leftovers you can't be sure everyone had as much as they wanted. So leftovers have been part of my life as long as I remember and they were always treated creatively, so they never became boring. In our house now, leftovers are referred to as "experienced food", to spare them the stigma of the term "leftovers" -- Rob's idea, and he loves the things that result from the "repurposing" -- love that term -- of the experienced food.

And, there are LOTS of things that make wonderful lunches.

So, absolutely yes.
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Of course quite often the kids take leftovers for school lunches. all of the classrooms have microwaves.
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Cooking for just one person is very difficult, so I usually have leftovers when I cook. I always eat them, usually I bring them for lunch the next day.
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I don't like eating the leftovers of any meal...Yucky!
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It depends what it is for me. I will eat left over chill, curry, roast but I wouldn't eat leftover bacon and eggs or steak (too tough).
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I usually make extra so we have leftovers.
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All the time, it's only 3 of us - (my parents and me) so we don't eat huge meals but my mom usually makes a huge pot of something like homemade mac and cheese and I love the leftovers but we don't usually have leftovers unless we have company. of course there's always leftovers of pizza but not chicken unless my mom makes a lot.
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