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Kitten With Chronic Diarrhea -- Any Idea's? LONG

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I recently purchased a beautiful Persian kitten who is now 25 weeks old. I have had her for about 8 weeks now.

Since coming to my home she has had diarrhea (she even had diarrhea on the way home from the airport in the carrier). My vets first thought was that she developed diarrhea from the stress of flying and moving into a new environment. I agreed as I have seen it happen before. Regardless, we decided to give her 1/2 a milbemax tablet as a precaution even though records indicate that she was de-wormed.

I allowed a couple of weeks to go by because the diarrhea was not too terrible, just there occasionally and I felt it was from stress and would eventually calm down completely. Well, when it didn't I talked to my vet once again and we decided to try FortiFlora which has been proven to work well with settleing down the bowels and stopping diarrhea. No such luck! Her diarrhea continued and it seemed even worst. It got to the point where it was completely liquid and even had some blood in it.

I brought in a fecal to the vets and she did a regular test to check for the usual roundworms and hookworms. Test was negative. Because the vet saw how watery her diarrhea was she prescribed Clavaseption antibiotics because she feared she had a bacterial infection in her bowels.

THE ANTIBIOTICS WORKED! That is, until two days after she finished the pills and her diarrhea returned. While she was on the antibiotics she was a completely different cat. So alive, playful and "happy". No more diarrhea and it appeared that she was actually starting to gain weight already. Her coat even seemed to "shine". But once the antibiotics were finished (7 days worth at 1/2 a pill twice daily) she went back to sleeping most of the day and looking "sad" and well, sick. The diarrhea, although not as severe did return.

Although she eats like a pig, her weight is DOWN .2oz since I purchased her! She weighs only 2lbs 6oz right now, although she does looks bigger.

I once again talked with the vet who said that if it was a bacterial infection the antibiotics should have cleared it up completely and that she may have a parasite that they don't test for with a regular fecal and that when I was able to catch her going I needed to get another fecal sample. In the mean time the vet said she wanted me to switch her food from Orijen, which is very rich and may be "too much for her" to Iam's Intestinal "low residue". She also prescribed another round of antibiotics because her bowels were already irritated again and we needed to calm them down before switching to the new food so we could give it a chance to actually work.

So right now, that is where we are at. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I feel as though we have tried everything and I am concerned because I am not sure what else could be the problem if we rule out food, parasite, and infection.

Does any one have any idea's?

This kitten does come with a health guarantee and I have contacted the breeder who has said she will stand behind any of her kittens. She also said she has not had any problems with diarrhea with the rest of her litter. From speaking with the breeder I really don't get a bad vibe. I mean, she seems very reputable and as though she cares very much about her kittens and cats. I just don't want to return my kitten if this is something that can be treated. We have already fallen in love with her over here and we would be devestated if this is something "serious".

I'm constantly trying to catch her going to the bathroom so I can get a sample from her but she always burries it right away. The only reason I was able to get a sample the first time was because she decided to go in my bathtub!!! I feel as though she was trying to SHOW ME that there is something wrong so I don't really blame her and it was only one time.

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When my Levi was a kitten he had a roud of very bad liquid diarrhea. After several fecal samples & several differnt deworming rounds I decided to go with the low residue food. It cleared his problem up completely. I had been feeding them Wellness and it was just too much for his little tummy to handle. I left him on the low residue for a while, but then slowly switched him over to Nutro. The only problem he's had is when I had some sort of parasite infection go around my house. They all went on Metronitazole & that took care of the problem. Now I am feeding Royal Canin for sensitive systems because Isaac too has a sensitive tummy. I think a change in food might be worth a try. Just like some people have sensitive digestive systems some cats do too. Maybe your kitty's tummy just needs to calm down for a prolonged period of time.
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Please check out this thread as we posted about the same issues and what might be causing chronic diarrhea:

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