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Is my cat in any trouble?

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Please, ASAP, I need to know if I have to worry? I've looked through other threads for the answer and havn't seen anything yet, so now I'm asking. My cat is having first litter. Unfortunately pregnant before getting desexed, so now looks like I've got more cats. Lucky I love them. She has had 3 and I can still feel another inside her, but it has been over an hour. What can I do for her? Should I do anything yet, or wait? She appears to be very relaxed and content. I would appeciate any advice. Thank you
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You can wait a little longer.
Are you sure its another kitten in her?
Meeko just had one and I felt something in her.
She got xrays and it was all constipation.
You can call the vet.
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I thought I saw the lump move. It felt about the same size as a kitten and it would move around but not down into her hips. I guess it's a vet visit.
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Almost every person here observing their cat have kittens has been sure there was at least one more, and they have almost all been wrong. Something (the uterus, probably) can do a pretty good impression of one last kitten.

But do be sure you had a placenta for every kitten.
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I saw her eat the placenta for 2nd two. Didn't catch the first birth. As she lay down I could see her fur rolling and when I felt it, it was a hard ball and it would roll under my fingers. Now I can still feel it but it's not really moving as much. It's 4.30 am here. Mum cat is purring and still appears content.
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Welcome to the TCS family, mom & kits & KP22!! Sending prayers & vibes that all goes well
When you say moving, was the lump moving on its own or was it that when you touched it, it moved location?
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If she's pushing and nothing is happening then you need to call the vet. Sounds like she's okay for now
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The lump moved on it's own, but she hasn't pushed since the last one came out. (very quick, 4 pushes). Just woke up, had couple hours sleep, and she is still happy. Natural mum by the looks. Contemplating vet. My husband thinks i'm being over protective.
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When my Coco had kittens they were three born by 6am.
The vet had said she would have 3.
Thats what it showed on the ultrasound.
12 hours later my sister calls and says Coco just had a dead kitten.
1 minute later another dead one came.
Her labor had stopped and everything.
There was nothing wrong with Coco and she was fine.
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When Goldy had her kittens I thought I felt another one in there. It turned out the lump was just the enlarged uterus, which is normal.
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goodness, all these possibilities. Phones the stupid vet and they won't see her without money and the other one i see that lets me book up is closed. Was the enlarged uterus hard? This lump changes positions and doesn't seem to be rolling when I touch it now. So if it was another kitten, I think it's dead now Will she get rid of it herself if there is one? dead or alive?
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It depends on the cat.
Coco got rid of both dead kittens.
One was deformed and had a broken paw.
After that one came out the other dead did.
My brothers cat had a kittens then one more a day later. He thought that was it until she had dischage and she was very sick.
There was a dead kitten in her and it cost 4000 to save her.
I hope you can talk to some vet and get xrays.
It could be constipation like Meeko had also.
It felt like a kittens but it wasnt.
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My advice would be taking her to the vet just in case..

My breeder friend's cat had kittens this monday (my cat is their father), seven were born: first four were alive and fifth was dead, the sixth kitten was born alive. This happened between 5.30 p.m.-9.30 p.m. (starting from the first contractions). She said she felt something in the females tummy (it wasn't moving) and couldn't really tell if it was a kitten or something else, the cat was acting like the labor was over and started to take care of her newborn babies.
I went to visit them the next day and they were all doing fine.. In wednesday(!) evening the seventh kitten was born, it was dead. During the evening/night the female seemed to get very tired and they took her to er. They did an ultrasound and x-rayed her to see if anymore kittens were still inside, they found two placentas but no kittens. There was also some damage to the other side of her uterus because of the size of the litter but I can't find a correct translation for that right now.. They didn't remove the uterus yet, but they need to check on that later too see if it needs to be done. Kitty got antibiotics (10days) and she seems fine for now.
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Well I've spoken to the vet. The family has used him for over 10 yrs. He has said not to worry and if I can still feel a lump in a couple of days he'll come out and check her. It's a long weekend here and I got the impression he's trying to enjoy it. I feel like 90% possitive there's another one in there but she's not distressed, so i guess we'll see how she goes. Thank you everyone for your advice and taking time to respond. I am a bit more confused now. Real mixed feelings after reading some of your responses. Scratchy (mum puss) is easing my worries with how relaxed she is. I'll upload some photos shortly so you can see the new editions to our family, and I'll also keep you up to date, if I have been worried for nothing or not. (For those who are interested). Again, thank you.
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A couple of days is too long to wait if she has another one inside her or if she has retained any afterbirth - in that time she could end up with an infection which could put her at risk.

It is somewhat normal for cats to give birth in stages - their uterus has 2 horns containing kittens, often they will give birth to the kittens in one horn, then wait a bit (like an hour or something) before giving birth to the kittens in the other horn, sometimes having a snack in between for energy or just a bit of a rest.

But IMO 2 days is too long to wait, are there any emergency or on-call vets covering the long weekend? When I phone my vet out of hours their answerphone message tells me the phone number to call when they are closed.
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