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Phinney's Fur

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I'm hoping that you might be able to help me figure out what's up with my soulmate, Phinney. About 5-months ago he lost a significant amount of weight, bringing his rotund physique from an appalling 23.5-lbs down to 18-lbs. He's big boned. The weight loss seemed rather gradual, and came at the same time as a new cat came into the family - so I didn't worry too much about it. He seemed otherwise healthy.... he's eating well, playing, has an appetite and a sense of humor.

With his weight loss though, has come a different problem - his coat is a MESS. He's got these dreadful scabs all over his skin on his back and head. This has been going on for a few months... I know he's a little itchy - though he doesnt seem to be over-scratching. I took him to the vet, and she brushed it off as allergies (it's NOT fleas... that's already been determined.) The vet gave him a shot of some sort of antibiotic, and instructed me to give him EFA supplements and sent us on our way.

It's a month and a half later now, and he's worse than ever. His skin is rough and scabbed and fur is falling out. He's cycled through a few Super Premium foods (right now, he's eating Royal Canin for Skin and Coat)... and I put EFA oil into his food. He's the only one of my 3-cats to be suffering anything - and it seems weird that he would all of the sudden develop an allergy (he's an indoor cat - we've been in the same house for 4-years.... though he's around 10 years old now)

Any ideas on what this might be??? Thanks for your consideration.
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Like people they can become allergic to things that they have been using for a long time. My cat has a terrible allergy to fleas one bite and she is scratching all her fur out. Aside from making sure she gets frontline on her, there is nothing the Vet can really do to give her relief. I know your problem is not with fleas, but I started Cinnie on Evening Primrose Oil in her wet food (its a gel cap so I break it open and squeeze it on her food) and in about 2 weeks all her fur started growing in beautifully. I've been doing this on and off for years. I found it in a medical cat book. I had no other alternative I was finding her fur on the walls, floor she was so miserable. I'm sure others will be able to give you more suggestions. Good luck.
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I would also think allergies are a possibility. However - being 10 years old - it could also be an age-related thing. Have you run a full blood panel on him? I would suggest that & also talk to your vet about allergies - it could be food, environmental, etc. Have you changed anything in your home recently - laundry soap, cleaners, added new bedding, etc?
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Has he had a fungal culture for ringworm done? Ringworm can cause scabs, loss of fur, etc. There's been several threads on it recently, just search ringworm and you'll find tons of info. Its definately something to explore with your vet.
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I recommend a different vet .. and a blood panel if you do not have one from under 3 months ...

FYI evening primrose is a fatty acid supplement and not normally recommended for kitty as there are better ones for it ... normally for omega 3 fatty acids fish oils are used
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