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Daily Thread TGIF Jan 23!

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Woooooweeee, FRIDAY!!!

Well my man is going to be writing his GMAT today, so I am sending vibes and prayers for him to do well. He is going to be attending grad school in the Fall..Only one more year and then he will be no longer a student.

I have run into a snag ordering my BM dresses..I forgot about the exchange rate and might not be cheaper to get them online after all

Nothing going on this weekend THANKFULLY..I am in need of a chill weekend.

You guys have a great one!
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I'm glad that it is Friday at long last! But celebrations will be cut short for me today as I'm working this afternoon until 8pm...

Also tomorrow I'm on duty, as well as Sunday
Have just thought, this is my last weekend at work for a while as I am on Annual Leave the next one, and the one after that
The weekend after that is my normal time off, so in total I have 3 of them free!

Have a good day peeps!
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Well it's Saturday here!

I was supposed to work until 1am this morning but we had everything finished early so left at 12.30AM and came home fed my babies and am now chilling on TCS!

Tomorrow morning will be an early one for me as I have someone coming to visit their kitty and I've got to go out and buy kitty litter in the afternoon.

I've got work from 6pm-12am tomorrow!

Have a good one folks

PS. Trouts Mum - what's a GMAT?
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It's a Friday but it started off like a Monday

Woke up as my kids were leaving for school (haven't been sleeping well), said bye and made my way downstairs to take my painkillers, because the weather going from dry and really cold, to mild and damp kills me. Kids come home, someone had told them the buses were delayed. Which they are, so I had to drive em to school. It annoys me to no end when they delay the buses for no reason. The roads are fine, same as yesterday. The only thing I can think of is maybe at 6am or so, it might have been foggy which would cause them to delay the buses.

Either way, I'm quite grumpy this morn. I think I will go back to bed and see if I can wake up on the right side of the bed.
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My Friday this week is your Wednesday, meaning I have to work today, tomorrow and Sunday. Alas, the cons of working shift work.

I have a chiropractor appointment this morning, then I'm coming home for a nap and then going to work for 3:30 pm.

I heard the temperature and it's - 24 Celsius (-11 F). - 35 Celsius with the windchill (-31 F).
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We are getting the cold Candian weather coming in the evening and handing around until Tuesday-brrr.

So I filled the bird feeders and tramped down to compost pile to dump out the pail while the temps aren't bad yet.

BUT...its war....the rabbits have breached the chicken wire fence around the raspberries-EEK!!! They are all chewed down to the snow!! Good thing the snow is about 2.5 ft deep so they aren't totally gone.
But I also have nature on my side as when I walked to the garden I saw a spotch of blood (a big spot) and a indentation. Then about 20 feet from this spot I saw a pile of somthing so I tromped over there and its a big pile of innards! These spots were not there yesterday afternoon so I'm thinking a bird of prey did it job!! Perhaps an owl??
Hopefully it was one of the rabbits that was its breaksfast! There are no prints in the snow by these spots (other than mine). ll I can say is good job!!

So other than cleaning the oven this morning and running to the fabric store to order my fabric for the valances not a busy day.

Neil has a card game tonite with the local group of guys that get together so I'll rent a chick flick or two.

Have a good one.
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Gail, sorry we sent the Canadian weather your way! But hey, since it's there you can definitely keep it.
Not too bad here today, going to get freezing for the weekend though.
I'm off to the vet soon to talk about booking surgery for Pushy.
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Morning All!!

Mild here so far this morning but it is suppose to get a lot colder later in the day.


Woke up as my kids were leaving for school (haven't been sleeping well), said bye and made my way downstairs to take my painkillers, because the weather going from dry and really cold, to mild and damp kills me.
I hear you on that one this weather is just brutal on my wrists and shoulders. I actually took a couple painkillers and laid back down for an hour this morning as well...

Nothing special planned for the day, think I am just going to take it easy, hang out with the kitties and watch TV.

The kitties are good this morning, they are bird watching right now, it's funny because you can hear both Pixie and Linus chirping guess it's their version of bird talk.

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning!

Still not much going on today, just playing the waiting game on when I go into labor. I think I might go out and do some shoping so I don't go insane sitting home all day staring at the walls

Have a great day!
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Evenin' all

Not done much today, went to college - I held a skunk! Named Pepe Le Pew

Finished early as it is open day tomorrow

Bought 2 new wii games with my bday money and 2 Sims 2 expansion games

That's about it!

Seee yaaaa!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
PS. Trouts Mum - what's a GMAT?
Its a 4 hour business exam so he can get into graduate school
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Its a 4 hour business exam so he can get into graduate school
Wow please pass on my very best wishes to him!
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