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UPDATE on kittens born during storm Tuesday night

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The first momma cat (now in a safe chicken wire inclosure with her FIVE adorable kittens is doing well other than a small cold I need to call the vet about and doctor it before it spreads to the kittens...the other momma cat that escaped from my box had her kittens too. She had THREE kittens that night...the only problem is they are under my uncle's truck! They are all a Dark gray and one has stripes all over it's face (body plain gray)...and are huge!!! I will post photos of them all once my camara film runs out and gets developed
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Glad they are all doing ok...except for the little cold....Can't wait to see pictures though!
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I'm glad to hear they're alright!
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I lost a kitten...I went outside to check on them and I saw a paw sticking out from under the newspaper....seems like the mother may have buried it. I was worried about it yesterday because I noticed how tiny it was compared to the others. It acted like them, but just didnt seem to be growing and wasn't as active. Unfortunately I was too late. It was already cold, but I tried to revive it anyway...it is now buried and I said a little funeral/prayer over it like I do for any animal I must bury. Please cross your fingers/pray that no more kittens die. Now both of my mothers have four...I want to make sure no more die.
Grandma said the mother may have killed it because it was so small or because she didnt have enough milk and that I shouldn't blame myself and I did nothing wrong...what do you think killed it? They have plenty of warmth and insulation...do you think it was because it was a tiny 'runt'? I just want to know if this is normal...I don't want this to happen to any others....
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Again, these babies and the moms should be inside where it is warm, dark and quiet. If a baby moves away from mom and gets out in the elements, this is not a good thing and the kitten could die. If you can't bring them in, then get them into a small space, a wooden box- something with tall sides and a roof to keep them warm. An open dog house will not be very effective to protect them, especially when the mom goes off to eat and do her business.

I will move this to health where it belongs
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I made sure they are well protected from the elements...she hasn't even tried to leave them yet...the house is big enough I put her food and water in it so she doesnt have to leave. She only leaves to potty since I didnt want her litter close to them since I was worried it could have germs and hurt them...I made sure the wind cant get in..and this is one of those small dog size houses...perfect for her and the kittens. I have the tarp over the top of the pen nailed to the ground so the wind cant get inside. The front I made a covering so she could get out, but the elements couldn't enter even if the tarp wasnt there. They can't even crawl out the way I fixed it...there is a 'wall' that is too tall for them. I made every effort to provide them warmth and safety from elements and predaters (including other cats). That's why I don't understand...I stay up late, daily check on their health and her health, fill her food/water, and add clean paper so they arent laying in their own potty mess....after all that one still died...it was soooo small...the others are all the same size and eating better than it was...maybe they will be ok...and it was just too small...both of my mothers were the 'runts' of the cats out here...neither of them looked big enough to even have kittens..maybe that's part of it..maybe grandma's right that It wasnt me...she just didnt have the milk. If only I had known that before...I would've tried to bottle it. I saw it eat..I guess just wasnt enough..
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You can always go to the store and get some KMR and bottle feed the others if you think the mom doesn't have enough milk. Feed the mom small amounts of food about 5-6 times a day, feed her kitten chow and wet food, it will help her replenish her milk.
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She seems to eat and drink the same as always. She is always eating and drinking...I leave her food out constantly. By wet food do you mean canned?
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yes I mean canned food- and leaving food out all day is not a good idea, because it spoils (especially outside) If you can feed her small amounts at certain times during the day, she would be better off.
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Other than ants I didn't know dry cat food could spoil...
Im going to town in the morning (grandma off from work)...I'll make sure to get several cans of cat food. Since her kittens are a little smaller than the other mother's kittens (even though born same night) do you think it is her milk?? Or they are just smaller because there was more kittens? Oh and what did u mean by feeding kitten chow to the mother? I always heard not to give adults kitten food or kittens adult food...thanks

One more thing...noone has answered my thread...I need to know if putting both mothers in the same pen, but with seperate houses is a good idea? Grandma said they will fight or kill each other's kittens. I have to move the other cat (and kittens) out from under uncle's truck wednesday (he wants to drive it to work)..so I need to know if I should build a seperate pen. Thanks.
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You can safely give a lactating mother kitten chow, she needs the nutriets. You can also go to your vet and ask him for some nutrigel it is a paste that is packed with nutrients and proteins and not very expensive. I buy it for $5.25 a tube. You can just squeeze that out alongside the food.

Dry food can get stale in the air, it can spoil if there is any moisture in the air, it is better for the momcat to give her measured feedings 4-6 times a day.

If you are going to put the moms in the same pen, you need a barracade between them just to be safe. Often two moms can get along just fine being together, but other times, you will have a fight on your hands, and you don't want an injured mom who can't care for her kittens.

The mom sounds like she is just a small cat, so her kittens will be small. If she senses anything is wrong with a kitten, she will move off and ignore that kitten, or even sit on it and smother it. It is sad, but it is the way they survive.
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I've used that tube stuff before when I lived with my parents..Dad's cat got sick once..I'll see if I can get some tommorow also.

I'll start feeding her instead of leaving out food..I guess she needs exersise and to walk out of the house anyway.

I was worried about an injury..that's why I wanted to make sure before I did that...and that's also why I want to do that. Our neighbor's dog chases my cats :MAD: and I don't want them hurt. ESPECIALLY the mothers who have other lives depending on them.

I think she may have done that last night...she didnt seem to want to let it feed as much..and it looked like it had been squished last night and it was at the other end of the house buried under paper bits. (I rip it up in short strips so if they crawl under it they can crawl out and not get stuck like they would if the paper was whole). It's so sad though...When I removed it I let her see it trying to make sure she knew so she wouldn't freak out later..but she did nothing. She sniffed it and then started rubbing my leg so I'd pet her.
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