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Nixie, 9 weeks old. ;)

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He's getting huuuuge.

I'm also going to rename him now.. since I'll either be keeping him or rehoming him myself. He's not going back to that rescue, no way.
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keep him keep him!!!! He is SSSSOOOOOOOOO cute!
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Awww, what a little sweetheart. And that little stub of a tail is adorable. I don't think I could ever let that sweet little guy go.
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He's smiling in that second pic, so cute!
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Is that the same baby you brought home??? He's gotten so big and fluffy and GORGEOUS! He's a heart-taker and heart-breaker for sure!
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He is cute, he has gotten so fluffy.
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He is a cutie. He looks like he's going to be a big boy
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I would keep him.
He is cute.
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OMG! What a cutie!!!
I want! He reminds me of my old kitty,Hatchet!
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Simply, perfectly adorable.

(should move the pen though )
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Yep, it's the same little guy!

He is a BRAT though. Not having any siblings or a mama to show him things.. he's really rough with my other cats and can make my 16lb guy scream and cry.
He also bites me pretty hard too.

I'm hoping he grows out of it like Cappy did... but it took Cappy almost 2 years to do that... so....
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OMG, what a CUTIE! He looks like what I imagine what BJ must've looked like at that age--and funnily enough, his littermate, who looks similar, is named Nixie!

I'd keep him, if I could. He looks like such a sweetheart.

And you're wonderful for taking him in, too.
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he is such a cute little fluff ball, i wouldnt part with him either!
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