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Question about hairballs

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We've had our long-haired male cat, Sultan, for about 3 years now and he's never had any hairballs until lately. The first time was a couple of weeks ago, it was some light brown liquid with some hair. I had brushed him every now and then before, but because of this, I started to brush him everyday, then I slacked off to every other day. Then I forgot to brush him for the past week and today he threw up a huge poop-looking hairball, yikes!

My question is: is it unusual for a cat to throw up a hairball all of a sudden when he never did before, even when I didn't brush him at all?
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Its not unusual. Mine was like that too, all of a sudden I was noticing poop like things on the floor until I released what it was. From my experience it seems that as they get a little older they start to shed more.
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My Turtle is a short-haired cat (9-1/2 years old), and about five years ago, I had to start feeding her cat food for hairball control. If I don't, no matter how much I brush her, she still throws up at least every other day. With this food, it's only about once a month or less that she throws up a hairball.

Turtle is about 2 or 3 pounds overweight and even though her food is Light/Hairball Control, I can't seen to get her weight down. And I've only found that light/hairball control combo in one brand---Science Diet. Last week when I took her in for her shots, I mentioned this, and the vet suggested pumpkin! She said that a lot of cats LOVE canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, but plain canned pumpkin), and a lot of times that helps with hairball problems. If that worked for Turtle, then I'd have a larger variety of light food that I could try that might work better at reducing her weight. (And if not, staying on what she's on is fine.)

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Thanks for all your feedback. Interesting to know that with some cats, even though they get brushed regularly, that they'd still have a frequent hairball problem. I guess I'll try brushing daily first before resorting to an anti-hairball type of food.

As far as weight goes, does the food you give have a lot of grains like rice, corn, potatoes? Have you considered canned food like Wellness or Nature's Variety or Merrick? It's mainly meat with about 5% vegetables, and no grains at all, meaning no carbs.
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As the seasons change, shedding also picks up.
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Don't they tend to shed more in the summer when it's hot?
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