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My Charlie is sick again

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Charlies sick again


Hey all...it's been a while since I posted about Charlie, and alot has gone on sincel last summer. As I said before, it all started with an URI, to the vet, antibiotics, and nothing was working. I have since changed vets,and I now have a wonderful doctor. This summer Charlie had 2 blood transfusions, he was anemic, was on epogen, steriods,and B-12, tonics and eating Hills A/D. There was great improvement after all these treatments, and vet visits. After his blood was all better, doc wanted to try and address the URI, which he still has....so we tried every antibiotic he had, even prescribed one I had to get from my local pharmancy....didnt do a thing for him, so we tried good ole pennicillian...well, he's allergic to it, and that nearly killed him. We went to vet this week, he was given a shot of Convenia and B-12, now Charlie isnt eating like he should. Now Im worried about Lipidosis cause he isnt eating. I have to take him back in on Friday (tomorrow) and he might have to get a NG tube...Im at my wits end, I am sooo worried about him, after all this,and my boy is a fighter, Im scared Im gonna lose him...any suggestions on getting him to eat, trust me. I have tried EVERYTHING, he only will take a few licks....he is drinking water, using the kitty pan, but is not eating like he was. How about the NG tube, anyone ever dealt with this? Im a basket case, I dont think Ive prayed this hard in a long time, Im tired....any suggestions people?
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I'm sorry I don't have any experience with this. I'm sure someone will be along to offer suggestions. Many Prayers and good for Charlie.
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