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Math Exam

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We had our final exam for my Algebra 2 class earlier. I have a bad feeling that I didn't do very well. I always feel that way after a math test but since this was a 10 page, 200 point exam the feeling is magnified. Who knows, I may have done better than I thought. I felt bad about the test last week and I ended up scoring 101 out 108 points. Prior to this exam I was carrying close to a 92% for the term.
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It sounds as if you've done very well on past exams...I bet you did better than you think.
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Thanks. My first three test scores were: 81, 103 and 101 points. We had 14 quizes (one every class) and 3 take home quizes. I racked up a lot of points with those quizes. This doesn't include the final but out of 770 possible points I managed to earn 708 points, which is a 91.9%.
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I felt that way about EVERY test I took in high school and college. I didn't get test anxiety, I got "post-test" anxiety. I was fine during the test, but afterwards I would start second guessing myself and completely convince myself I got everything wrong. I usually did better than I thought (except for math tests...I normally DID get most wrong because I just don't get it at all!) I'm sure you did fine. Based on the other scores you got, you have a good grasp of the subject. Stop worrying and celebrate that the test is over!
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If I felt like I did good on a test I usually did pretty bad, but if I felt like I failed then chances are I got an "A"

Looks like you are doing really well in the class I am sure you did just fine. Like calico2222 said just be happy it is over!
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Aaah, if you are sitting at 92% you will be fine
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