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Claw infection

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My 1-yr-old cats keeps getting a bacterial infection on his cuticles (that thin layer of skin that wraps around his claws).
The vet can't really think of anything that might cause the inflammation. (My other cat is fine btw)

He's an indoor cat, i have no moldy floors, and I'm sure he doesn't step on dirty things... My vet suggested the cat might me allergic to the corn litter I use and that can become an infection.

Any thoughts?
Thanks for all ur comments.
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The litter is a possibility...you might try switching to see if the problem subsides. There is also a disease called pemphigus. It's an auto-immune disorder that can affect the claws. Are both paws affected? You might want to print this information to discuss with your vet.

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well, it starts with his hind legs and seems to spread to the front.
this time he got the inflammation (which is the second time), the middle two claw on his left hind leg were affected really badly, and also his 4th claw on the left front paw was slightly inflammated.

Other than that, I don't see the symptoms on any other parts of his body.
Thanks for your help. If this keeps happening, i'll have to try the biopsy.
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Yes, since the claws come in contact with litter a lot, I'd try using newspaper-based litter for a few months and see if it goes away.
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I have a cat with the same problem. She's allergic to fresh step. I switched to Armond Hammer and she' s never had a problem since.
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