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Bugsy and Lucky vet adventure

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Well, Lucky had a flea infestation about a month ago, and Bugsy has tapeworm, so I took both of them to the vet for a dose of Drontal.
Lucky did fine with the pill, however.... Bugsy... Oh my, that is a tough and strong boy!
Three - yep three people were trying to get him to swallow the pill, and they couldn't get it done! We started with one tech and me, the 2 tecs, than 3.... the boy would just not take it!
They decided to give him Profender instead, which is a topic dewormer.
He proceeded to pee all over himself on the way back home... The poor thing was so stressed out! I cleaned him with cat wiping tissue, and will try to give him a bath later on, when the medicine is dry - how long should I wait?
Another question: His vet paperwork says that the following vaccines are overdue:

Feline Leukemia
Respiratory Virus

Should I get him vaccinated for all these things?
Oh boy - the vet trip stressed me out so much - I am dizzy!
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Awww! Poor Bugsy! (and Meowmy! )

My BF's late cat HATED the vets but was pretty good about being pilled. You should ask the vet's office how long to wait about the bath and the topical med.
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I would not get the leukemia shot.
Its in Cleos contract never to get that shot.
My cat almost died from the leukemia shot.
None of mycats get that shot anymore.
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Let me tell ya- poor mommy is right!
I got home dizzy - feeling soooooo guilty for putting my babies through that.... No vet visits any time soon, hopefully!
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I would not get the leukemia shot.
Its in Cleos contract never to get that shot.
My cat almost died from the leukemia shot.
None of mycats get that shot anymore.
I see that on my contract from the breeder for Bugsy - I am confused!
Lucky got that 4 in one vaccine, don't remember the name though, before she came home.
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My boys both received a shot for tapeworms--it was expensive though like $45 a pop.

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FYI - bathing him, if the Profender is similar to Frontline, will wash it off. You may need to wait 3 days to bathe him (you should for frontline, or you wash it off & it is no longer effective).

As for shots, if indoor only Feline Leukemia is not necessary.

I always thought the "repiratory" vacciantion was part of the distemper combo here, but I cannot remember for sure.

ETA - Found this info at this link - not sure how reliable it is.

The effectiveness of this product when used before bathing has not been evaluated.
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My vet does not give the feline leukemia shot to indoor-only cats, unless they want it. I had a cat die from feline leukemia back before they had the shot for it, so I almost ask him to give it to Turtle anyway. After reading here, I'm so glad I never did! All my cats have been indoor-only, but the one that had it, got out one time for only a few hours, and ended up with an abscessed tooth, probably from confrontation with another cat, and that's where we think she picked it up. (He was a feisty cat--but loved very much!)

The 4 in 1 that my cat gets includes Feline Viral Rhinotrachetis (herpesvirus), Calcivirus, Panleukopenia (distemper), and Chlamydia. It shows on the invoice as Fvrcpc.

My mother-in-law uses a vet that comes to her house for her elderly dog. My sweet Turtle cat gets so stressed when going to the vet, I'm thinking about going that route as well, for vaccinations anyway. I only have one cat, so the extra expense wouldn't be huge, and I'm thinking worth it for both of us! (I hate seeing her so stressed and upset!)

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