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Had culture and Sens done. Cat has bacteria and his Ph is a spec high though no mention of that. He's being put on an antibiotic.Can bacteria cause the ph to be high 7.5. He's been drinking tons of water. Guess the best thing is to give him the meds and retest.
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I don't have much experience with this but I'm sure someone will be along shortly that can give you advice. Good luck.
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The ph being that high can cause crystals to form.
What kind of infection is it ?
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His urinary work is fine. he has a bacteria Pseudomonas alcaligenes. I guess Ph can sometimes rise because of bacteria I don't know. Vet said nothing about it. He;s on Marbofloxin (zenequin). Mixing it in food but he knows something is there and will not eat it. Its flavored, perhaps i should have used Baytril with flavoring?
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My cat has flavored Baytril and she wont eat those either.
She takes her liquid medicine ok.
Sh has to get blood tests and a urine test this week.
I hope you get the meds in him.
My other cat had surgery last monday and I can not hold her the way I do to give her meds.
She makes me spill them.
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