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Cleo will not stop hissing at Meeko since she had surgery

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Meeko had surgery monday and Cleo is still hissing and growling at her.
I tried vanilla and butter but she will not stop.
The other cats do not care. Cleo does not act that way when Meeko and Coco get tests at the or if they stay overnight.
Cleo acts scared and backs up smelling the aireven if Meeko isnt iin here.
Cleo did get fixed in Nov.
Do you think she smells something.
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Maybe she still smells the antiseptic or something.... I dunno, but hopefully it stops soon
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It could be that.
I just want her to stop hissing and growling.
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I would think when most of the smell is gone she will stop. When my Patch was in the hospital for a week and came home one of mine constantly spit and growled and wouldn't let him near her. I felt terrible for him, Patch went through so much in the hospital and then to come home and not be welcomed by one of the others it probably hurt me more then it did Patch. Cinnie did get over it when the smell went away, it took a little while.
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Maybe you could seperate Meeko for a little bit? So she can recover
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I have Meeko in here with me.
The other cats are in the bedroom.
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Then I wouldn't worry about it as long as they couldn't get to each other physically
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Try sprinklying Meeko with some cornstarch baby powder and put a little on Cleo too. She must still smell the vet's office/meds on Meeko. I'd would suggest washing Meeko but its too soon if she has had surgery on Monday.
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I can try that.
I can smell stuff on Meeko also.
She is right here next to me sleeping.
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Four days? That isn't very long, I bet you can still smell antiseptic on Meeko with your nose so that certainly means Cleo will be able to. Give it a few more days and just take it slow.
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Yea I can smell it on her.
She still dosent feel well.
This is what it looks like.
She is still sore.
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That incision doesn't look all that good to me. You might want to call the vet or take her back to see if she needs antibiotics. Two of my girls had bad reactions to the sutures and Shareena was obviously not feeling well. The vet put her on antibiotics and things started clearing up within 24 hours. Of course then she started jumping around and wrestling with the other kitties, which I didn't think was going to do her stitches much good. But it was better than having her laying around looking sad or moving really slowly like she was in pain.
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Let me get a new picture.
That is from the other day when she came home.
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