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Blood in Diahorea?

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Nefertiti had a lovely morning, exploring the living room and coming to me for cuddles. She hardly ate anything today (2 pieces of roast chicken) but has been drinking quite a bit. She even went to the litter tray for a wee! I was feeling very optimistic about her only about half an hour ago she stood up on my lap and had a runny poop. That isn't why I am worried though, there was a bit of red stuff in her poop whitch I assume must be blood. I have cleaned up and placed her in the bathroom where her tray, some roast chicken and water and bed are. I am so worried about her now. I think the reason for her runny tum must be that she ate some kitten food yesterday and that could have upset her? It seemed normal(ish) yesterday a bit soft. Hmm. I think I'll call in at the vets when im in town later, does anyone know if blood in diahorea is a very serious sign or can it just be some thing that happens? I am utterly terrified now. This precious little one is giving me quite a roller coaster ride !!
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It can be caused by many things and can be serious. I would get kitty to the vet today, especially considering her appetite is off as well.
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The kitten food might cause diarrhea but would probably not have blood in it.

She may have coccidiosis caused by a protozoa. The symptoms are smelly, runny poo with blood and mucus. It can easily be treated. In young kittens it can be fatal if left untreated. Your vet can check her stools for it and give you the proper medicine. You didn't mention the smell or any mucus but I thought I would suggest this as something to check for.

Over here it is not uncommon in stray and feral populations.

for Nefertiti

Oh, older animals can carry it and show no symptoms.
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I would call the vet.
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I should have phoned them today was rushing around the supermarket and it got forgoten I will be phoning them first thing tomoro morning! Nefertiti seems a little better, her poo is no longer runny but on a little inspection I noticed little red dots in it so I am pretty sure its blood. She has eaten half a chicken breast this evening. Theres my girl ! But seriously need to get her to the vets ASAP me thinks. Hoping I'll get an apointment tomorow evening otherwise I'll phone the emergency and get her in there tomorow evening. Not looking forward to tomorow I've got to go to work experience even though I managed to get my Tuesday, Wednesday and today off. Means I'll be away from my poor little baby all day
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