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Mr. President, how can I help you?

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Well, for me it has been a wonderful couple of days... To watch Obama take the oath, and become our new President was certainly memorable!
Now the fun of the inauguration is fading away, and a question remains in my mind: How can I help? What can I personally do do help this country overcome these challenging times?
I think it is great that he is calling all of us for action, since I believe a country is only good as its people...
So, I have been thinking for a while on volunteering... My schedule is absolutely hectic, and I can not commit to something with regular hours, since I go out of town a lot, and most of the times during weekends...
I thought about volunteering for a shelter, but only to go on the website already breaks my heart - I don't think I am strong enough for the task... I am looking for ideas - what do you think? Are you going to lend a hand too? If so, how?
I love kids and animals, but I am broke, so donating $$$ right now is unfortunately not possible...
Any suggestions?
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I have been volunteering at my local county shelter for over two years now... yes, it's heartbreaking, but I call myself a Kity Matchmaker for a reason: yes, it's hard to know these cats have ben abandoned, but I get to help find them homes... I can help educate "John Q. Public" about introducing a new cat to established ones, good food, treats, training (yes, training... i.e. not using claws on your hands, namely for kittens), educate about declawing, etc... you get the idea. TCS has helped me become a better volunteer and I can only hope i have made a mark on those who walk through my cattery when i'm there. I know many of the cats have made their mark on me (emotionally, not scent-marking).

It's SOOO worth it. Yes, it's hard to not take them all home. I technically can't as my apartment won't allow more than two pets... i have two already. But I can help guide these homeless cats into good homes... if someone raises my red flag, we let the adoption counselors know. I may not get paid monetarily, but I get paid in Purrs... which is way better.

If you know your schedule enough in advance, usually a shelter will work with you. Yes, they do like regular shifts, but they love having people there... anything to help.

Good luck!

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