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I want to put together a NYC TCS members meet and greet!

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I would really love to meet some fellow TCS friends in person! I live in Manhattan and to be honest, don't know if anyone else here does. One thing I do know is that there's a lot to see and do here..........Soooooo what I was thinking is if planned ahead and at the right time, maybe out of state TCS members could/would be in town as well.
The get together that I would like to plan would be a dinner party in Red Hook, Brooklyn (the new place to be) where I use to work, and hopefully will again come spring. It's a beautiful place, an indoor plant store located on a pier, yes right on the water and one of the views is The Statue Of Liberty! There are also many other things and places to see in Red Hook as well as on the same pier! The owner of the store loves to cook so there is a large kitchen and conference table area in the store. They often have dinner parties by invite where a professional chef comes in to cook. It's RSVP and usually a $20 cover per person,and it is soooo worth it!
Actually here's the link to the site which has lots of pictures....
So anyway, I just wanted to get some feed back from others, what do you think? Could we do it?
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Oh well.......Wishful thinking!
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I live near NYC and go there all the time.
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Wishful thinking for me, too. While I'm a native of Queens (and if motivated, I used to be able to walk to Brooklyn), I'm waaayyyy upstate now.
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Oh foo. If it was during the summer sometime, we'll be in NYC staying in Manhattan over night, we would definitely be there. I NYC.

Even though I lived only 40-50 miles outside Manhattan for 17 years, I've only been there twice. Once to see Beauty & The Beast on Broadway when I was young, and once in 2007 with Rob.
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I go to NY quite a bit - my brother and his family live there - in Pelham (Westchester Co.)... one of the stops on the Metro North New Haven Line!

My BF and I were talking about going in the spring, but nothing is firmed up. When we go, we stay in the city - not with my brother.
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Oh I wish I lived close by, I would do a Manhattan meet up in a heartbeat!
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i live in jersey, if the weather is warm... and its at a conveinent time in which im not racing or at work il def be down. set something serious up with a date and a time and maybe you can work it out. there is a place called "tabbys place" in new jersey, they do tours and accept donations, its a whole house dedicated to cats. maybe that would be a good meeting spot. something obviously cat related and maybe a dinner afterwards.

just giving you a heads up. i set up alot of car shows so my advice may help!? let me know if you need help organizing this.
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I live in NYC! Smack dab in midtown Manhattan, in Hell's Kitchen!

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I went to bed early, as I had an early appointment for chemo (2nd round, so I'm on schedule to be done by April 9! YAY!)

I'm up for a meeting. Hard for me to plan in advance though, but I'm definitely interested!

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I would come to an NYC meet up!
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i was thinking about that idea! i live about 2 1/2 hours away, so depending on money situations i think it would be really nice to meet some of you
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I know I posted that I lived near NYC but I ment to add I would be interested in coming too
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That sounds like a great place to meet. Unfortunately I live 8 1/2 hrs away.
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I am so happy there are people interested! If I try to organize this, it would be sometime during the summer and hopefully out of towners can plan a little vacation at the same time. Obviously it would only work if people came, but it would be even better if we could get some out of tri state area as well!
ANy advice as to when it would be the best time to schedule it and who would really consider attending will help!
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additionally to the ideas I had last time, set up some sort of dinner at a resteraunt and have the proceeds goto a shelter or rescue or something.... definately a good idea for a meet IMO
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