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Help Me.....Please

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All the kittys are sneezing and choughing. I think they caught something from when the baby went to get her operation.(spay) I'm so upset, if they do have that respitory infection the antibiotics are expense.
I remember because when my ex and I adopted Maple she had that same cough. And it was fine at our home, the medicine for her and Wieland wasn't to bad BUT BUT BUT for 7. eeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!
Also, I don't know whether I should on Monday call the clinic to cuss them out for giving Licorice this. I know they didn't put the sick kitty directly up to him but still that is where he got it.
Where else? I pretty sure they didn't get it from sitting in the window, we're up to high. on the thrid floor!

Plus, the oldest girl, Prudence has asthma and I'm really worried about her, I put her in another room by herself just as a precation, so far she hasn't sneezed or anything. But if the others go and sneeze under door then......ohhhhhhhhh

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Oh No!! Sending Healthy Kitty Vibes to your brood!!!!
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Moving this to H & N, you may get some advice or ideas there.
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How are the kittys doing? Hopefuly it will be a light case of it. Unfortunatly theres not much you can do about it, like a human cold, just treat the symptoms if they arise. Try to keep the sick kittys isolated (but you know that)

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Get a humidifier or vaporiser going to add humidity in the air to loosen any mucus in their lungs. If you don't have either of these, run hot water into the tub and close the kittens in the bathroom. Call the vet and calmly let them know your cat became ill after being there and your kittens are now ill. Make sure you speak to the vet not the person who answers the phone. Tell him you feel that the staff may not be washing their hands or cleaning the cages between animals. This could lead to a huge problem if left unchecked. Did you see anyone wash their hands before checking your kitty in or out?
Good Luck!
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Thank you guys, well ladies!!!!!

Loki and Korny-korn-muffin are the worst with coughing, so I'll be getting them some meds---they have slightly colored snotty noses. I'm so worried I've been coudling them, they never get wet food but they didn't want dry so I gave them some.

I hope this will pass soon, I even feel like I caught it, I've been coughing too. I doubt it, probably just guitly feelings because I love them so much.

Keep sending love hugs, and thank you all so much!!!!!!!
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I would recommend taking all to the vet or at least to SPCA to have them checked out and get medience especially if they are little kittens. It's better to be safe than sorry. I didn't take one of my cats immediately to the vet when he started sneezing and coughing until about a week later and it got a lot worse so I felt so bad for waiting so long. I waited hoping he'd get better on his own but he didntuntil I took him to the vet. So pls take them to the vet.. You can also ask the vet about payment plans meaning you can pay him off a bit every month or something. My vet accepts that.
Hang in there!
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How old are they?
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Since this thread I diffently took all of them to the doctors, poor Kornflake had to get a shot but the others are on oral antibiotics and eye cream. Poor kittys............
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