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Stinking outside the box

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My neutered 1.5 year old male cat pooped outside the box on the carpet today. I've searched the forums for this problem and found kind of similar situations, but not quite, which is why I posted this.

I'll have to get some enzyme cleaner tomorrow because I know he can still smell it after I've cleaned it...

I'm wondering why he did it though. He has his own litter box and I've even seen him use the box a couple of times today. I always keep the box clean too, so that couldn't be the problem.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we have a new kitten in the house (we got the new kitty almost a week ago)?? Grabben (the poop culprit) and Noir have not met/sniffed each other yet since Noir is quarantined in the guest bedroom because of a URI and a feline herpes flare-up. However, they both know the other one exists - they have had brief glimpses of each other. At first Grabben would sit outside of the new kitten's bedroom door waiting to catch a glimpse of him when we opened the door, but now he seems ok with the fact that there is a new kitty in the house.... or maybe I'm wrong with that?

Do I wait to see if he does it again and then take him to the vet to test for a UTI, or does anyone think he is a bit jealous now that my attention is no longer focused entirely on him (don't get me wrong, I still play with him and spend quality time with him).

I really don't know if this is a psychological/behavioral issue or if it's more physical health...

Any suggestions? Thanks!!
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To my knowledge, it is a physical (health) reason for doing it outside the box.
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