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Can anything be done?

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I guess Ricky Bobby either pees a lot when he goes, or the way he squats causes his urine to get on him. Whenever he uses the litter box he comes out soaking wet if he goes pee, usually his back feet, underbelly, and bottom of his tail are really wet. The litter of course sticks to him because he's wet and I find clumps of litter on his walking path. He does a really good job of cleaning himself, as soon as he gets out of the litter box he finds a quiet spot and cleans himself for like 10-15 minutes. Is there anything that can be done to stop the urine from getting on him, or is it just the way he positions himself?
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IMO, there are several variables that you might have to play with.

1. Maybe change the style of litterbox?

2. Maybe change the type of litter?

3. Is the litter deep enough?

These are all things I can think of that might be contributing to the problem. You can't really change the way Ricky Bobby squats, but you can change other things that might help control the problem.
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Try to catch him in the act, so you can see just what he's doing/not doing that's causing this. That should help you find a solution.

Sorry I don't have more advice, I've heard of long-haired cats having issues similar to this, but never a short-haired.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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Just a suggestion...I had one cat like that...but it ended up he was diabetic..his feet and belly would be wet after he used his litterbox...What about other signs ? Drinking lots is the number one clue...I don't wanna scare you but thats the first thought that came to my mind...
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

He is a young cat, just 8 months, can a cat be diabetic that young? I'll keep an eye on him but he doesn't drink any more than any of the other cats I've hadin the past.
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They can be diabetic at any age....It just rang a bell with me.....thats how I knew my cat had a problem cause he would pee alot at one time...and his feet and stomach would be wet....well now that you are aware you can watch him when he drinks..
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Yeah, I'll have to keep an eye on that, I'll research into it right now and see what other symptoms could be displayed and keep an eye out for those as well. Thanks Nance!
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It could just be that he has not learned how to dig well yet. It took Tubee a little while to get good at using the litter box. He had that same problem, he would get himself wet when peeing because he would forget to dig first. I would try to watch him and see if he digs and if he doesn't try to show him how.

Also, you could help him after he gets pee on himself by using a damp cloth and wiping his feet and legs off to get excess litter off.

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