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Introducing 5month old to 2 year and 17 year old cats

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Hello, recently adopted a 5month old kitten (Picked him up today) from a shelter. I'm going to be doing the slow introduction method. A few things.

He seems to already be somewhat acclimated with his room. He comes to me, and is a purring machine. He hasn't used his litter yet, but he's jumped in it a few times. He's eaten some of his food, and a couple kitty treats. He LOVES and can't resist a string toy i got him. So i've been playing with him on a towel, to get his scent on that.

Now here comes the "What if" or "Well, maybe".

I have a 2 years old cat, and a 17 year old. The 17 year old (Callie) is still energetic and will play with toys sometimes. She's more laid back.

The 2 year old (Lily) ALWAYS has to be playing lol! She likes to chase the 17 y/o around and she doesn't mind it now.

Here comes the dilemma. Lily knows the newcomer (Max) is in there. She's pawing at the door, no ears splayed. She's just genually interested in what's going on. When i'm in the room with Max and Lily is trying to open the door (Yes she can open doors!). He sort of gives a very tiny hiss. No ears splayed either. But if I play with him, he ignores the noises she's making on the door.

Is it a bad idea to slowly introduce them right off the bat? Or should I just wait it out. Callie the older one I know is going to have somewhat of an issue with him. My house got broken into, and I think she was kicked or thrown during it. So she's VERY skittish now, and not good with strangers. But when it's just me and Lily, you just have to touch her and she's a purr box.

Another thing is, from reading the ways to do the slow Introductions. Give them 2-4 weeks basically for the whole process. However, I am getting him Neutered tomorrow. So should I add another week, or include his "Week of Recovery" as 2-4 weeks. Any other info would be great!
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I've never done slow intros. I just bring them in, set them down and watch them carefully. Of course for the first few days if I'm leaving the house for any reason, I'll put the newcomer safely in a room, and the same for night time. I've never seen the benefit in a slow intro as they pretty much will come to their own conclusions, no matter what you do.

Good luck and have fun!!!!
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Ya, I did it the way you did it with Introducing Lily to callie. And at first (first month) it was a lot of Hissing. So trying a different way
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Whether slow or not, the success of introductions depends on the cats' personalities.
Your little boy seems to feel at home already, so much so that he hisses when he hears the resident cats. Your older girls are now more curious than anything else so it may be safe to start with supervised face to face meetings. If your kitten gets too much, the elders will put him in his place without hurting him (unless he is the aggressive type and retaliates).
Re: neutering. Go ahead. Recovery is fast but after the vet visit, remember he will smell different and be looked upon as a new arrival again, so you may have to reshuffle the towels between the cats to reacquaint their scents.
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My cats are the same age as yours.
Cleo was 4 months when I got her last month.
I waited to let them meet because cleo was coughing.
You need to be careful because he might bring something in and they will catch it.
Cleo ended up with a uri and she gave it to my other cats.
My Coco is almost 17.
Her bday is next month or march.
Meeko is 8.5 and had surgery on monday.
Cleo my new kitten hates her now.
Sasha is 2.5
Oreo Cookie Monster is 1.5.
Not one of them hissed at Cleo when they met.
Cleo sleeps with Coco my old cat.
It might work out good with your cats.
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Ya, i'm just going to do it slow I think, not take any chances.

In regards to getting him neutered. He will have a completely different scent? So tomorrow I should get a new blanket to have him rub and play on?
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Originally Posted by Seiryu View Post
Ya, i'm just going to do it slow I think, not take any chances.

In regards to getting him neutered. He will have a completely different scent? So tomorrow I should get a new blanket to have him rub and play on?
It is great you are having him neutered at his young age. This does often cause rejection when reintroduced to the home kitties because of scent change. I would give him a few days separated to heal and readjust, and exchange scents through blankets or toys while doing so.
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Yep, I got a new, freshly cleaned blanket in there now i'm going to use. Just picked him up from the vet.

He went from day 1 (I rescued him a couple days ago) - No hissing or anything, and would Purr all day. Even though I was new and everything.

Now after the neuter - Has a "quiet" hiss at me, and won't let me touch him. He did eat a couple pieces of food since he's been home, so that's good I guess.

Is that normal, for a cat that didn't know me, and me taking him into my home, to be so affectionate right off the bat? And then start hissing after the Neuter?
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He might be mad from the medicine they gave him.
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similiar situation:

i got a 5 mo old kitten (princess)

and i already had:

Sabastian 13yo
Nipper 3yo

i always introduce right off the bat, for the first 2 weeks sabastian would hiss whenever she came near him, and nipper would watch her closley and try to make friends with her and she would hiss at was cute, after a few weeks, Nipper and Princess play non stop, and sabastian is kinda layed back, princess will try to jump on him and he will just totally blow it off. having princess gives nipper a buddy and he doesnt bother sabastian as much, so its a happy family
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Yes, that is what I am hoping. I hope Max and Lily become best buds (I think they will, Lily REALLY wants in his room).

Callie doesn't like to be chased much, which is why I decided to try and hope that a new cat, will distract Lily. I just hope everything works out.

When I introduced Lily to Callie, when Callie was the only cat, I didn't do the slow intro method. it took probably a month for Callie to realize, Lily wasn't hurting her.

I think mine is a little different as Callie was probably kicked/thrown when my house got broken into. (That was years ago though). So she's always more on edge now, but getting better.

And he just got neutered, so no rough housing from Max for a week =P!
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