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New baby picture

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Here's one of the girls and me:

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And another one:

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OMG!!! How adorable!!! Look how tiny they are!!! Congrats to you again, and thanks for sharing the pics!
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Three lovely ladies!!! And one very proud grandma!

Great pics Cindy, thanks for sharing!
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Those baby's are SO CUTE! What angels!
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What beautiful little girls!!! I like your shirt, too
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hehe, very cute. I have that pillow you have behind you on your chair. LOL way to go.
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Awww! The girls are so adorable! Thanks for posting new pics!
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They are too cute, Cindy. Do you know which one is which yet?
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I This photo , First time I' seen ya Cindy.. Very Pretty and The bubbies are so cute , I also luv ya teeshirt
Way To Go!! . Sam
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Very cute!
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I lightened the picture for you a bit! Hope you like it!

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thanks, Shell. I HAVE to learn how to edit photos!
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I downloaded this editing program called irfanview and you can download it by going to this link. Once it's downloaded, you can resize and brighten the pictures. It's actually VERY easy...if it wasn't easy, I couldn't do it!
Hope that might help you!'re very welcome!
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Here's the two of them, sans Grandma:

Shell, I STILL can't figure out, how to lighten it up. Please, PM or e-mail me instructions. Thanks.
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Check your PM's Cindy!
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What beautiful little girls! You are a lucky grandma! Keep us posted as they grow!!!
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They are such beautiful baby girls! You must be such a proud grandma!
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Cindy - they're ANGELS!!! And they look so sweet in those sleepsuits with the sleeves rolled up.

You look great too - this is the first up to date pic that I've seen of you, is that the new hair colour/style? Looks cool.
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What a great pic of 3 beautiful ladies. They must be growing in leaps and bounds! What lucky babies to have you for a grandma! How are Sam and MArk doing?
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They are so adorable! You must be so proud!
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The haircut and color are about a month old. I changed the color, on Sunday and went back to my current natural color - a dark ash blond. This way, the roots don't show and neither does that horrid color, at my temples.
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Cindy they are absolutely adorable! That kind of double vision I could live with!
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They're so precious!
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I'm green with envy - such beautiful little girls. Twins are really special, too. You must be so proud of them!
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They are absolutley precious!
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Cindy, the haircut and the girls are ADORABLE!!!!

(BTW - I loved Lake Havasu off-season! There's a GREAT RV park there - we had our own beach!)

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Oh!! Absolutely, positively, breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!!! all of you!! Thank you for the pictures...
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