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Non-pate Wet foods

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Hi folks.

Can you give me some brands of catfood that come in a non-pate style? Stewed or shredded. And price approx.

Kizzy loves Performatrin Ultra (its a stewed holistic) but unfortunately it does NOT love him back

I know Friskies has chunks of meat with gravy, which I'm trying right now. But I'd like to find some other foods, of a better quality, to feed as well.
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Hi Snake Lady,
My cat loves Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys and they are on the approved list for diabetic cats due to the high protein/low carb formula (even if you cat is not diabetic this is a great diet). Specifically the Shredded White Meat Chicken in Savory Broth with Garden Greens is awesome! The varieties with the word "Florentine" in the name seem to be just like the shredded stuff but with a cheesy type of sauce, instead of just a clear sauce. Cost: at Walmart only $0.74 per can (they are tiny cans unfortunately). Elsewhere you might pay up to $0.95 per can.
Everything else that I use has that pate consistency.
Hope this helps!
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I tried the Meow Mix Market Selects with Bodhi when I first got him. Of course, he didn't like it (but he's picky about his wet food - it has to be pate style). The Market Selects is a chunky style with gravy that comes in little cups. I think I've seen some reviews on here that those particular meow mix products are not a bad choice as far as grocery store brands go. Also, Nutro Max Cat cans are chunks of food, Bodhi almost seemed to like the Beef & Egg Skillet especially. It's a little more $ than Meow Mix but not much.

Good luck!!
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Merrick's wet food is the stew style (my meat pie last night looked remarkably like a food I have previously fed the cats ) and high quality. Comes at a price though!

When I got Belle and Delilah, they came with a couple cans of PC's "Finicky Cat" formulas. I can't remember what the quality was like (not great, as I gave the cans away, but I can't really remember what I didn't like about it), but there were definitely shredded varieties.

I've seen pouches of both Wellness and Nutro that are chunks.
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Blue buffalo recently introduced a flaked canned food called Healthy Gourmet (to be distinguished from Blue Spa Select, which is a pate). It is 99 cents a can.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone

I will have to look next time I am out for those.
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Weruva is shredded, but I don't know whether or not it's available in Canada. It's also expensive (I've seen cases of 24 5.5-oz cans priced anywhere from $32-$39 US). My cats are very picky, though, so that's what they'll get, as long as we can afford it.

I used to like Fromm's canned food. It is also expensive, but again, the picky crew liked it. Unfortunately, the cans are very scarce these days. I've heard various explanations for this, but the upshot is that I don't often see it anywhere, so I no longer feed it.
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Sorry - I forgot to mention Sheba, which is probably available in your neck of the woods. Again, pricey (the tubs are small), and my understanding is that the food isn't nutritionally complete, so you should only feed it in rotation or in conjunction with another food.
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Nutro MAX 3 oz cans are all chunks--Harley protested pate for a while so we had to start only offering it every 2 days or he refuses wet. They DO own us!

Jack is not a fan of the friskies--who would have thought? He prefers the more expensive stuff apparently...

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These are some I have tried for mine. Some are chunks and gravy, some are shredded.

Halo Spopt's Stew
Wellness pouches
Fromm was a hit but I think I remember it being more pate, long time since I bought.

Avoderm select cuts chicken (not sure if this one is in your area)
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The ones I can think of/some may already be posted:
Wellness Pouches
Nutro Pouches
Science Diet Pouches
Meow Mix pouches/cups
Fancy Feast
Pro Plan
by Nature pouches (big chunks in like a gelatain type substance)
AvoDerm (3 oz cans only)
Solid Gold Blended tuna (pate canned with tuna chunks - my gravy girl likes it a lot!)
Tiki Cat (it's mostly slices, but compacted very solid if that makes any sense)
Halo's spot stew (IMO, similar to Merrick & almost "soupy")
Merrick (almost "soupy")
Nutro MAX (3 oz cans only)
Whiskas pouches

Eukanuba *used to* have pouches/cans - but I can no longer find them listed on their website - nor could I find them through PetFoodDirect - I suspect they no longer make them.

One thread which may be of help (I tried to search for more, but many were old enough some of the info may be outdated - pre "recall" days):

ETA - then there are store brands - and foods like 9Lives & Alley Cat. I know Wal Mart's Special Kitty has some chunks in gravy.
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Another one not mentioned which my cats love is Prairie Homestyle.

It is a bit pricey though.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Another one not mentioned which my cats love is Prairie Homestyle.

It is a bit pricey though.
Hey - I've never seen/heard of that one before! Can you give us an estimate of what it costs where you are?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Hey - I've never seen/heard of that one before! Can you give us an estimate of what it costs where you are?
here 1.67-2.09 for a 5-6 oz
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Hey - I've never seen/heard of that one before! Can you give us an estimate of what it costs where you are?
I bought one case from petfooddirect so not sure how much if sold locally per can. They much prefer it to the old Prairie pate style (won't eat the grain free).

Looks like about 1.33 per can on pfd which is why they only get it about once a week or so. They love it, but I've not tried any of the other flavors yet.
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Someone who shares my pain mine will only eat a chunk/sliced/shredded & gravy wet as well.

I mainly use fancy feast, friskies shredded,chunked,pouch & i do use some nutro/max pouched which sometime will be eaten, other times they just eat the gravy..

As far as others to try, fromm is in some global foods, mexo mix cups their at pet valu, wal*mart even some grocery but my group hated them.. their not real fans of wellness pouches either... their are some house brands that have a gravy type.. special kitty @ wal*mart, some PC brands found at no frills/loblaws etc..

good luck!
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My cat Kara used to only the Wellness pouches. I had bought a bunch when my kitten was dying to try to stimulate his appetite but ended up giving them to her and she then turned her nose up to the pate style foods.

I just started giving her the pate only but chopped it up with a fork and added some water to make it like the pouches and she gave in. Those pouches were WAY too $$-- like almost $2 for 3 oz! I would be spending about $240/month on cat food.

If money's not an issue, I would still feed them along with the Merrick's canned food. Merrick's comes in fun flavors like Grammy's Chicken Pot Pie-- and they look good enough for people to eat
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