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Money for dirty animal shelter

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I have a wonderful idea, but I can't do it alone. I have always wanted to help my animal shelter. No one contributes to it but me and a couple of friends. We try so hard to make it a better place for the animals but no matter how hard we try, we just aren't enough. I would like make my part-time job of helping the shelter a full time job. How do I get donations? Do yall give donations? I have thought about this for a long time. I have always wanted to help this place out. I am an animal lover for sure. I need yalls help!!!
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I am not sure of that but I am for sure that you will get some good answers and tips from some of the others here..Good Luck though!!
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Oh, so I can't get donations from people on this site or what? I don't understand how this works. For some reason yall are the only people I can find that actually care about cats or animals....That is very sad.
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Like I said, I am not sure...I haven't been around long enough on this board to know that information....Maybe hissy might know/...hissy??
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O okay...Thanks....May I ask how old are your lil kitties?
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Rocky the tabby will be a year old next month..not sure the exact date, but Fluffy is 6 months old.....
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Fluffy? 6months do you have a better picture of him? He looks really big...compared to my 6month old!
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Fluffy is my female, the black and white one.....Rocky the male is almost a year old....
here is one of her but it was taken a couple weeks ago..
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haha Sox is 6months, Day'Z is 7months and Smeagol is 4 months....your cats look HUGE compared to mine! They are so cute though. What do you feed yours?
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I know that there is rules for asking for donations on this site. I dont remember what they are but im sure Hissy will chime in when she gets here.

May be you could put up flyiers in your local grocery store bullitans and at your local vets and pet stores. You can ask for supplies like bleach and paper towels, or litter or rags or anything else you might need.

If you are not-for-profit you may beable to put a plea in your local news paper pet section for free, if you ask.
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Ya, the thing is, I have tried all this. People here just don't believe in making the animal shelter a better place. They say "Why should we contribute to a place that is in the worst part of town!" ...Well, It is in the worst part of town because it smells so bad and looks so trashy!!! It's so sad, I try to do my best, I was just wondering on your info. Thanks
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I have been feeding them Authority kitten food but I am gradually taking them off of it and putting them on the adult Authority...
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Do you know why my kitties are so little? They must be runts!!! I got them at the animal shelter, they weren't to heathly but now they are.
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What are you feeding them?? I still free feed my kittes the dry food, but they get canned wet food once or twice daily...depends on their moods.....
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It's not that they are skinny. More like the just aren't growing. Smeagol was put on Feline I/D. Now Day-Z is on it. Before they were on Purina Kitty Chow. The vet told me to just feed both so they will get some growth. No growth yet.
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That is sad, if it is in such poor conditions then you need the help the most. Im sure there are petlovers in your town who would help. You just have to find them.
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I have found a few, but not enough. I guess I'll just stick with to what I have been doing. Thanks for the info!!
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Our humane soc. has an alluminum can program, where people bring there cans to the shelter and the shelter recycles them for the money.
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Try switching to a high quality food instead. In comparison, eating kitten chow is like humans eating fast food junk food everyday..Good Luck though!!!
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That is a good idea. Well, it's like. People want to adopt. They just don't want to go into the "bad part of town." Which I can admit it is rather scary. When we have adoption day at PetCo...people come and adopt. But we only take a few animals. It's not fair to the others to just pick those few. I wish there was some way we could get the public to just come down and see what beautiful animals we have. One of the cats I'm looking after just had kittens. I am thinking about taking them home with me. It's just no place to have kittens there, I doubt these would servive. Just not enough attention.
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Have you ever thought of fostering these kitties and keeping them at your house/apartment?? I would if my hubby would let me, but I h ave too many kids to take care of throughout the day..I plan on being a a foster momma to cats someday when my kids are older....
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haha, I am about to go pick up a litter of kittens. I believe I am going to have to handfeed this bunch. Here we go again. I love doing it though.
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Chriztal- here is the board rule regarding donations and solicitations:

Solicitations - the needs of rescue workers are great and we recognize this fact. The care of multiple cats, which includes finding suitable homes, good vet care, food, etc is costly. If you wish to bring our attention to the needs of a specific organization you may do so only once, and in the SOS forum only. Other than that, you may use your signature to add a link and a short message regarding the cause you are promoting. From time to time you will see some posts that request donations for a specific cause. It is YOUR responsibility to check these solicitors to the best of your ability. Ask for references and phone numbers, and call around the area to find out if this is a legitimate cause or a scam. The Catsite.com does not stand behind any solicitation of funds that appears in the forums. Be very careful before you send any money; no matter how effective the plea is, check it out before opening your wallet.

I am moving this to SOS now.
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You mentioned PetCo. I know that the shelter I volenteer at is going for it's first showing at PetCo this weekend & we are taking a barrel with us that says "Donations", in the hopes that people will donate to us. I know it's expensive, but have you advertised in the paper at all? I don't know what the cost of pet finders is, but I know that we have animals on pet finders & we have people come in specificly because they saw someone on pet finders. These are just a couple of things I can think of off the top of my head. Oh I just had another quick idea, some time in the next couple of weeks we are going to have a rummage sale to raise funds. I know all of this takes money & or work, but maybe if you can really get your name out in the area you might find people who didn't know about you. Our shelter has been around like 20 or 30 years & I didn't know about it until a couple of months ago. I found it on pet finder.
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Just a few thoughts. Bring in photos of the kitties that you can't bring in to Petco/PetSmart with you. Collect at Halloween while others trick or treat. Ask if you can put up collection jars at feed stores/pet shops for cash and coupons, see if they will donate ripped/damaged bags of cat and dog food. Contact the Girl/Boy Scouts and arrainge a clean the shelter day, or collect cans day. See if they will sponcer a collection or yard sale for the shelter. Get the newspapers involved with the fundraisers. Go to High Schools and see if you can put out a trash can to collect soda cans to be recycled and donated to the shelter. YOU must be ready to collect the funds from the jars and the soda cans to recycle. Make sure to be regular in your pick ups and polite to everyone you deal with.
Let me know if this helps!
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I would make cleaning the shelter a priority. The section of town might not be the best, but cleanliness doesn't depend on location. Perhaps these people are well meaning, but can't really afford to run a healthful environment. I do hope they find the volunteers and finances needed to take proper care of these animals. Good luck! Our members have given you some great ideas to pass along.
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Fund raising for a shelter (or any organization for that matter) is always a challenge. It is time comsuming and can be very frustrating. It's also a matter of setting priorities. Setting the priority on fund raising diverts resources (mostly personnel) from the daily operations of the shelter, but not diverting those resources creates long term hardships through lack of funds. Shelters are usually best served by approaching the people in the community they serve.

Petco/Petsmart and other companies do provide some support in the form of adoption support and space to display a few animals. In my experience they also will usually allow you to put up a series of photos and info of available animals, but someone will have to take the time to take pictures and keep this information up to date. You might also approach them about donating short dated or expired food. They can't sell it, but it's perfectly OK for the animals.

Some supermarkets will allow a bin to be placed in the exit for donations of food/toys/treats. This also involves someone committing to regularly check the bins and bring the donations to the shelter (and there is an investment involved in purchasing the bins in the first place.)

Adopt-a-cage (make a donation and get a plaque on a cage for a year) or other visible recognition of donations helps too. Publicity about the program will be necessary. Highly visible community events such as dog washes or a dog walk as fund raisers can be very helpful in both bringing in funds directly and creating public interest in your organization.

Talk to the local papers. Ours will run a weekly picture of a "pet of the week" and also a quarterly half page (sponsored by local businesses) which features pictures of a number of available animals. These both prove to have high adoption rates for the animals featured and also provide general interest in the shelter. They will also donate a set amount of free advertising for other events.

Talk to the local cable provider. Most areas have a cable access channel and will provide a low cost (or maybe even free) half hour slot on a weekly basis to have a little show. Ours features available animals and each episode features some sort of educational topic. This requires quite a time commitment and some video recording and editing skill and resources.

Approach local businesses. Many will sponsor a cage, event, or other specific item. Avoid asking for funding for ongoing operating expenses since this has a high probability of rejection. Something that the business can put a plaque or display their name in (such as a brochure) usually allows the company to write off the expense as advertising (check with a tax professional to be sure about the laws in your area.) The laws are such that small businesses are usually not able to write off donations to charatible organizations.

If the shelter receives local county or city funding an increase in profile helps when approaching the officials about increasing the official budget support. It helps to have good records of what it takes in personnel and supplies and materials to clean cages and feed and care for the animals. Careful work load studies, accurate accounting of food and material usage, and an accurate and detailed budget are important tools to have at your disposal before approaching these officials.

The important thing is someone (or a group of people) must commit the large amount of time needed to organize, talk with businesses, design and print brochures, take pictures, take animals to adoption events, pick up donations, provide educational talks to the public, etc. It may not be as rewarding as working directly with the animals, but it is just as important. Without funds you won't be able to buy food, medicine, pay the lease or electricity, repair cages or equipment, pay salaries, etc.

Good luck,
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Thank you all so much for your information and ideas. Today I went and talked to the cable company and they said that I could make some kind of commecial up for the shelter, and one day this week we are going to have a "come and help" day at the shelter. The barrels are full of dog food, we aren't low food or anything. It's an old shelter that needs a new adjustment. A Chriztal adjustment that is. Thanks
I'll keep you all updated.
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Yeah!!!!!! I'm happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction & that you are staying positive. I know it's so hard when it seems that there is a never ending stream of animals that need help & a short supply of people willing to help, but I know with your desire to help & make things better those animals will be in a better situation soon. Also, I want to thank you & everyone here because this sharing of ideas has given me a couple of ideas to take to the shelter director & see what she thinks. Keep up the good work!!!!
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Yaaaaaah!!!! I know everything will be okay in the long run. I was at the shelter today talking to one of the adoption ladies and she has such a bad attitude, it's so hard to work with someone with an attitute that is the opposite of mine! But I'll hang in there, it's not for her, it's for the animals. Thanks
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