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Any one like chocolate?

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Don't look! I swear you must not look!

Oh now what am I supposed to do with you? He's mine I tell you all mine!
I really musn't look at that website, I end up falling love

-switches off the irresistable image -

I think Hershey would be a nice name for him or Rococo or....
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OMG what a cutie!!!!
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He's beautiful!
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What a sweetie
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How luscious can a kitty be!
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Good enough to eat!! What a doll!
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while chocolate is all very good, i personally prefer blue...
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Ooh! I think I have a thing for the face of the Asian cats
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Hershey is a cute name , or Cadbury

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If I ever had a kitten like that, the name would be after a choccie bar I love Maybe something along the lines of:

Cadbury (not a bar I know, but the make! )
And maybe if I got REALLY stuck....Mars Bar!
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Caramello or Coco
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Awwwwwwwww....he is adorable!
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I've always wanted to call a kitten 'Picnic' - do you have those bars in the states?

What a cute, precious baby!
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