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Is there a way to change a cat's scent?

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We brought both our cats to the vet, but one of them had to stay overnight there, so I brought the boy cat, Sultan, back home. When I brought home the girl cat, Swee'Pea, from the vet the next day, Sultan sniffed at her and hissed at her to my surprise! He keeps hissing and attacks her when it's feeding time. Otherwise, he leaves her alone when it's not feeding time. They used to be best friends! Sultan used to groom Swee'Pea and follow her around and they used to play together, so all I can think of is she must smell different now because she stayed overnight at the vet's.

Is there a way of somehow neutralizing Swee'Pea's scent so Sultan won't be so hostile to her?
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I've heard that if you put a little pure vanilla on the chin and base of their tails thats all they will smell is vanilla. They will both smell the same. Somebody else will be along with more suggestions I'm sure.
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Vanilla sometimes works so it is a good way to start. I am usually against bathing cats unless it is an emergency, but you could put Sweetpea under the shower to get the vet smells off her. Medication and food can make the cat smell different though too, so you may not get a result till she is off everything and back on her usual diet. It is a problem that generally solves itself quite quickly.
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I use vanilla extract. A little dab under their chin, at the back of their neck and the base of their tail (both cats). It's a strong enough scent to cover any smells from the vets, and harmless in case they ingest it.
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I wish I could dab some vanilla on Swee'Pea but she's feral and won't let us pet her even though we've had her for almost 1-1/2 years, darn! I guess I'll have to hope her scent will change once she's off the medication. Thanks everyone!
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Vanilla did not work with Cleo.
Meeko had surgery Monday and Cleo still wont stop hissing at her.
People in the sphynx group told me to try butter but it did not work either.
I hope your will stop hissing.
Cleo is ok if they stay at the vets.
What did your cat stay at the vet for?
Cleo hissed before she even so meekp.
She was smelling the air.
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Swee'Pea had 5 rotten teeth, so it had to be extracted. The vet felt it was necessary to check up on her the next morning. She seems fine otherwise. I feel bad for her that Sultan has been so hostile and doesn't hang around her at all now.
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Bless you for giving a feral kitty a loving home! I would have 2 seperate litter boxes in different areas of the home if you don't already, and what about a diffuser like Feliway, have you tried that?
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Poor cat.
I hope she feels better.
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