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Nefertiti gets the all clear !!! =D

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Well sort of, I took her to the vets today just to get her checked over. Nefertiti came to me on Monday after a friend found her wondering around in the woods. There was a bigger cat and kitten near her but my friend managed to catch little Nefertiti. They are either feral or abandoned though I am starting to think the latter is more likely. Anyhoo today I took her for a little check up. The vet said that she seems healthy but she is skinny and so tiny! The vet thinks shes younger than 8 weeks and most probably a tiny 6 weeks old! I explained about her runny tum and that I have started giving her roast chicken as opposed to the kitten food. So I have been advised to keep her on the chicken for three days see if her poo gets more normal. If it doesn't she has to go back in three days but I am optimistic as she hasn't been runny at all day!! Plus this morning she was so hungry when I brought out her chicken she bit my finger. I don't think I've ever been so pleased about my finger being bitten in my life. lol! Shes not eaten much at all since we got back from the vets and I am a bit worried it was a bit too much too soon taking her there. Earlier though, I sat in the living room with her on my lap and stroked her and she stretched and purrrrred and I promised the little darling I would always look after her. (tehe my mothers says I am a daft one)! She is back in her bedroom (the bathroom)! Though I have left the door open so she has a choice this evening, she can remain in the bathroom snuggled into my jumper or she can come out and explore a bit. She has been using the litter tray that i put in the bathroom but she doesn't seem to go in it in big rooms (yet), I am guessing this will correct itself the more times she uses her tray. So all things are good for my little Nefertiti, Caspian does keeping hissing and pawing her but I am sure he'll come round. After all he did live with three other cats just a month a go!
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I'm sorry about your other kitties going missing. Nefertiti sounds like a sweetie. One of the kittens in my bathroom is finally bored enough that he's overcome his fear of being eaten by me to come out from behind the toilet and see what I'm up to. The other kitten in my bathroom is ready to explore the rest of my apartment! I think your kitty will probably come around a lot sooner than mine did. I hope her diarrhea clears soon!
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i realize that it might be difficult to find kitten formula there. you can make your own - here's a link to a recipe for kitten 'glop'. it'll help put weight on her - i used kitten formula added to Firefox's food plus straight for in-between meals to help her get to a healthy weight.
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