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smart cat, she can think !!!

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don't tell me a cat can't think...one of my 3 cats, lil-bit, shes only a year old
the other 2 are 10 years old, jr-bug and mr. cal-co,
i bought those little mice, you know the ones in the store, 3 or 4 to a pack
there about 2" long and different colors. cats love to chase em. and bat them around. well anyway..li-bit keeps batting them under the dresser
then meows at me to get them..its her little game.
i dug out from under a dresser 6 mice., i didnot show them to her
i put them all on the dresser, and threw one one the floor. she played and played. till she bated it under the dresser.
then she hops on the dresser,gets a mouse and bats it under the dresser
then gets another, bats it under the dresser, does it to all of them
yhen......meows at me to get them out....augh....she drive me crazy....
she is treatting ME like a toy....shes a nut....but is smart
she knows what shes doing....
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Oh, yes, they are very smart creatures. We had a terrific black and white cat in rescue. Kaalu was a lovely boy. My boyfriend would play with him with that feather duster toy... one time, Kaalu grabbed it from him and dragged it off. He played with it for a while by himself. Then, he got tired of doing that... picked up the toy in his mouth by the feathers... dragged it over to my BF, dropped the toy at BF's feet and sat down... looked up at him as if to say - ok, YOU make it dance around for a while so I can PLAY with it. He knew that we were the ones making it flutter around, etc... I thought that was really smart!!!
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That's so funny, I have a male cat Mo that does that to me. He has little toy mice that he loves to shove under a cabinet in the kitchen. He knows its too narrow for him to get to, so he hits it so it goes under then looks at me to go get the narrow stick to pull it out. I'm on the floor trying to get the mouse out, he's next to me looking under the cabinet to see if I'm doing it right. I throw the mouse into the livingroom then he starts shoving it back into the kitchen. He has his mouse in front of him a few inches from the cabinet looking at me, I tell him don't you dare do it, while looking at me he shoves the mouse under the cabinet. Now, if that's not calculated I don't know what is.
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Yep ! My Daisy plays fetch. You know; throw the mouse,she brings it back.This is because she has learnt that i will throw it again. But now she will sit like a dog would, when i tell her to. I am sure our cats understand every word we say! Honest!When she plays with the mouse on the sofa,she has hold of it in her claws over the edge,i will say to her " it will fall off" she will stare at me as she lets go on purpose! She looks so pleased with herself! And then obviously expect me to pick it up,which i do (l will never learn!)only for her to drop it again!
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Originally Posted by j fred muggs View Post
don't tell me a cat can't think...
OK, I won't!
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Yes- they have us all very well trained!
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Of course cats can think. Even creatures most people consider dumb have some ability to think - Do you know that chickens can actually think ahead and plan to some degree?

As a predator - a cat must be able to think, learn, and plan ahead. Of course, some are better at thinking and learning than others but that can be said about humans too.
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